TRIJO NOJZ GUŠTI 08///05///09


Mai 9 2009, 12h37


Shout Out Out Out Out -guilt trips sink ships
Black Moth Super Rainbow - born on a day the sun didn't rise
Boxcar Satan - twilight
Shipping News - human face
Doom - yessir!
Dirty Projectors - stillness is the move
Crain - monkey wrench
Scul Hazzards - slaughtered pigs
Deradoorian - holding pattern
sonic youth - thunderclap
scul hazzards - work
YACHT - waste of time
Big Black - every man for himself
Superchunk - water wings
superchunk - kicked in
superchunk - driveway to driveway
Health - die slow (pictureplane rmx)
crain - the dead town
Next Life - battle tactics
next life - propulsion system
Cheveu - hello friends
crain - skinminer pastel
doom - that's that
shout out out out out - remind me in the dark times

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  • Truch2

    koji su ovi, BRE? Sonic Youth?? Nikad chuo.... :D

    Mai 12 2009, 23h29
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