• Each time I get here

    Mar 17 2012, 22h17

    When the past memories of melodies come to my present easily can identify with them. Nonetheless pretty thankful I feel, even eating a bad if I hear to Roxete, Alfonso Espriella or Shakira's old singles but get a comfortable point of view of this same present in a clearer shape.
  • Almost gone away [escaped] by the daily boost

    Mar 5 2012, 14h47

    And my Spanish legacy made up real today still makes me figure out how digital music has turned into revolutionary. Our Latino heritage has become the strongest after anglo one and focuses on finding movements and bands that talk about life from such a realistic perspective of routine. Each time I hear about people commenting about music while being alone, I get in mind, for a second, what a part of a melody can produce stimulating thoughts making them clearer to fight life's problems solving them. Each time I perceive a new combination, mistakes I did in the past start to fade in in their complete aspects. Thus I can open my eyes and see directly to what is actually happening.

  • Scrobbleness

    Abr 1 2011, 20h58

    Wholely, entirely, I'm filled up by these melodies the city offers to cyberusers, walkers and bus riders like me... That's why, me, as a bird's singing, can I clearly hear it each morning I get up, many trees' leaves hit the buildings' windows going against the wind and something I call a 'great bit' of classical sounds of the 90s' come to my mind and make me think of what the actual scrobble of is today: Oh, I do remember that melody.
    Yeah, I refer to bands, thus.