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Jun 11 2008, 13h21

these are a couple of bands/artists that i've grown to the past couple of weeks.


After hearing Nat King Cole 'Quizas, Quizas, Quizas' after a couple of years [my dad is a HUGE Nat King Cole fan...but I haven't been around him much lately, or enough to have to put up with him singing at least]I started researching about it and notice some band called "CAKE" had a cover in english [Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps] and I loved it to no end.
I've listened to 'Fashion Nugget' and it's truly a piece of art.

Yael Naim

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So, her song 'New Soul' was used for the Macbook Air commercial and it instantly became some sort of hit, and and then it became a parody...that was sort of lame, but not as lame enough as people claiming they now LOOOVVEE her because they heard her on some lousy commercial [yes, it was lousy....and in my opinion a bad choice if you realize what they've done] I heard her cover of Toxic months ago and became, well, intoxicated I love it being the Britney Spears fan that I am but it hasn't been since a couple of weeks that i've begun to listen to her album and her voice kills over. that's a good thing.

[, *insert insane amount of tags to describe her and then argue about it*,
I've always been negative towards this woman, I don't know why but she pissed me off for no reason.
I thought she was
1.crazy as fuck
2.thinks she is original but all her music sounded the same
3.her voice was ridiculous and cracky [which is really something ridiculous seing that Sonny Moore is just a bad copy of her voice, or atleast he tries to be and then fails but I still can take it]
4.i hated the 'Violently Happy' video
I've taken my time to listen to her, with an open mind and all and I've foudn her just lovely.

Malice Mizer
[, , ]
wow this was strange, I'm not too fond of j-rock or the visual kei movement and i'm not too fond with their fans either. A couple of people recommended me this but i've put them off because I wasn't either interested and the times i had taken to research them this picture came up, and being as I am i took that as some sort of "DUDDEE listen to some japanese GWAR with guns and roses colored hairstyles!" no fucking wai.
However, I was playing a bit with my ipod and I started playing Music Quiz and a song I didn't know came up, it was 'Illumiatti' so i started rummaging through my own files and found it. I loved it, so I had to look for more, god forbid I only judge a band by one song! I can't say I love them, because that wouldn't be true but my opinions were proven wrong, their songs are actually really good and no, they are not some sort of japanese GWAR and if you find yourself offended by my old opinions too bad, i know they are quite hateful too.


[, , , ]
I've known serart since I was about 12 and i was a HUGE System Of A Down fan, still I didn't get it, I found it terrible it was nothing like SOAD! [now, Serj Tankian as a solo is exactly like SOAD] yet, the other day I remembered this and I wanted to go back and listen, I've always had an enormous respect for Serj, even now that I barely listen to either SOAD or his own stuff. However it was more Arto Tunçboyacıyan who made this record stand out with armenian folklore, something that makes me want to dance like hell, as much of some middle east tones


  • Tecfan

    hm, I should probably check out Cake and Yael Naim.. Serj never really interested me :p

    Abr 14 2009, 8h34
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