• Desire

    Jul 18 2007, 17h12

    Heyy, to anyone reading this, do they have any information out at all for this song? (desire by the raconteurs) its an awesome song and i cant find the lyrics or anything. It is by the saboteurs, acually. They are the same ppl as the raconteurs but they coundnt get the name in australia, so that is what they are called instead.

    so any info PLEASE send to me

  • Rush

    Jul 9 2007, 16h04

    Sun 8 Jul – Rush

    Last night's Rush concert was awesome. I had VIP seats, which were pretty good, considering there were people that were like WAAYY behind us. But overall, ti was great. They out on an amazing show and never missed a beat. The best part, to me was the drum solo. Great, GREAT concert. Very loud.
  • Aleka's Attic

    Jun 28 2007, 20h37

    Wow!! I am a huge River Phoenix [R.I.P] fan. when I typed in 'Aleka's Attic', I was almost sure I wasn't going to find anything. But, I did!!
  • Convey

    Jun 27 2007, 18h46

    Heyy everyone!
    Convey is a great band. The first time I listened to them, I fell in love!! They are awesome and people should defenitly try listening to them!!!

    thats about it

    peace out
  • Raconteurs

    Mai 1 2007, 22h35

    OMG! this band is awesome!! another band that my wonderful boyfriend introduced me to and im so happy he did!! I listened to this cd religiously in the summer. The best song, by far hands-down is together. it has so much meaning. All the other songs are great too!!