Well whatta hell, let's take a look what I've been listening to


Jun 8 2008, 12h33

At the time of writing this I've been here in Last.fm 3 years and 7 months and I've listened 75,293 tracks.

I'll never start hating or disliking any of the bands or artists which I like. I'll never get bored to any band I've been liking. I only discover new bands after new bands so my personal music scene only becomes larger and larger (mmmm... laaager). That might be cause of that I'll never listen to one album twice in a row. I'm quite systematic. But eh... Let's take an overall look of my top 10.

First of all, every band hails from Finland. Yay. Only two bands are using English as a singing language. Three of the bands has quit. Three bands has only three letters on their name. Not any femalebands and only one band with female vocalist. That tells a lot, huh?

1. Leevi and the Leavings (2,399 plays)
Can't really tell when I first time heard song from Leevi and the Leavings. They were played in radio a lot propably even back then when I was born. But it could be the golden year 1997 when I first started to listening to them in purpose. I think my first favourite songs were Unelmia ja toimistohommia and Jossain on kai vielä joulu

Only band which has over 2,000 plays on my charts at the moment. Still kicking hard though Gösta passed away year before I registered to Last.fm.

The lyrics... Must be the lyrics! Simply poppy melodies but the lyrics keeps me falling in love to Leavings' songs day after day. Nowadays my favourite songs might be Pimeä tie, mukavaa matkaa and Vanha koulukuva.

Of course never saw this band playing live. 25 years and they never did a single gig (if not counting Finnish Eurovision tryout in 1981). I kinda hope that Leevi and the Leavings will never be defeated from Top 1 -position on my stats. Legend.

Number one track: Elämänmeno (35 plays)
Drinking song. Raikulipoika! I'm quite sure that I first heard this track back in fall 1997.

2. Apulanta (1,910)
Close to 2,000 plays. Another band which came to my life in my golden year 1997. Used to "hate" it before. "Singlet 1993-1997" is the first cd I've ever bought myself. First song I've heard from them might be Anna mulle piiskaa but the best song must still be Hallaa.

Number one track: Käännä se pois (40)
Plastik was the first album which I really waited from Apulanta. Some says it's overproduced, too plastic. I actually think that it's their second best album. "Käännä se pois" is first single from Plastik and it's basic single song: simple and catchy.

3. Don Huonot (1,345)
You propably know it already. Yes, Don Huonot came to my knowledge also in 1997. What the fuck happened in that year? :D To be honest: for long time I only liked their then new album Hyvää yötä ja huomenta. It took me years to understand their first albums. Had status of "Taiteilijapellejä Kallion taidelukiosta" and I believe that Jussi Chydenius (now member of Rajaton) tried sometimes to do more complicated drumming which he was able to play. But he was very good drummer.

Number one track: Kaunis painajainen (35)
Psychedelic. Beautiful. Peaceful.

Ok. Need to take a break for this writing. I'll gonna add rest of top 10 later. Now I'll just type what they are. :D

4. YUP (1,293)
Number one track: Joutilas (23)

5. CMX (1,242)
Number one track: Pelasta Maailma (27)

6. Nightwish (1,158)
Number one track: Bless the Child (31)

7. HIM (999)
Number one track: Wicked Game (28)

8. Neljä Ruusua (990)
Number one track: Hunningolla (26)

9. Kotiteollisuus (986)
Number one track: Helvetistä itään (26)

10. Tehosekoitin (976)
Number one track: Kaikki on mahdollista (28)


  • Porpentina

    Minun on ollut pienen ikuisuuden ajan tarkoitus tutustua Leeveihin paremmin, kun en ole kuullut kuin radioiden rakastamat hittibiisit, mutta niistä kyllä tykkään. Muistan elävästi oman ekan Leevi-biisini. Se oli Teuvo, mie olin 11 vee ja lastenleirillä, missä pojat soitti koko viikon repeatilla Teuvoa ja Eppujen Tahroja paperilla. Oli kova meininki :D Hmmm ja mulla on kavereitani häiritsevä taipumus innostua aina, kun Pohjois-Karjala alkaa soida jossain, ja puhjeta laulamaan mukana paikasta riippumatta. Ah.

    Jun 12 2008, 16h56
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