• Can subscribers see who views them or something?

    Jul 15 2009, 10h15

    If so, maybe I should be a subscriber too! :D
  • Reasons why I've always had love for the underground electronic scene (with the…

    Mai 14 2009, 16h00

    The fanbase
    Every fan that I meet who is deep into whatever style it is, they're always interesting to talk to and have the most unique personalities and ideas.

    Event Promoters
    The hard-working people who take financial risks to bring out names no one's ever heard of for the true love of the music. Much love to all of you and I hope I can start doing what you're doing soon lol.

    The gigs
    The music sounds better and they're cheap LOL!
    "Hm, Lil' Wayne for $95 nosebleed section seats or $10 to see Broken Note and have room where I can freely skank mad?"

    Underground for life<3
  • No 'super' compatibility...

    Mai 2 2009, 7h28

    I have no 'super' with anyone. Kinda sucks but it's kinda cool at the same time lol.
  • Could someone explain to me the whole "ELECTRO" deal?

    Jan 14 2009, 16h06

    When I think about "electro", I think about Cybotron (though he's pretty much techno), Afrika Bambaataa, Egyptian Lover, Hashim, etc etc. I've been calling stuff like Justice and Alex Metric "indie dance" because it just makes more sense.

    How did all of the "electro" today begin calling itself that? What's the influence? Did some guy who couldn't think of a proper term just start calling it "electro" for a marketing term?

    I just remember back in 01, I saw someone talking about "electro" on a blog and thought, "HOLY SHIT! Someone's bringing back the old school". Only to notice that it sounded like a distorted house. Then there was "electro house"... wtf? Now we have electro this, electro that.

    I'm not dissing the sound, I love it! Especially when it sounds incredibly loud and glitchy. I'm just wondering how this new "electro" came about to be...

    This is beginning to remind me of the Detroit techno sound where one guy (Juan Atkins) said "this is how it sounds" then some other guy said, "no, it sounds like this!". Now every general person in the states, when they hear ANYthing electronic, they call it "techno" thanks to the other guy.

    Dez 23 2008, 1h57

    I don't like last.fm's method of similar artists so I'm asking you kind last.fm users to provide me with some recommendations!

    I just heard School of Seven Bells and they are amazing!
  • = \

    Dez 6 2008, 12h41

    So I reseted my plays since I wanted to start fresh and my neighbors aren't anywhere close to my interests. They just threw a bunch of death/black metal fans at me, wtf
  • iPod Survey

    Out 17 2008, 12h36

    How many songs total: 13399
    How many hours or days of music: 41.7 days

    Sort by song title
    First Song: The A-Go-Go From River Kwai - Man Chau Po Orchaestra
    Last Song: !@*$%# - Fischerspooner

    Sort by time
    Shortest Song: We Are Living In A Huge Hospital - Com.A
    Longest Song: Go Spread Your Wings - Godflesh (Not counting DJ Sets)

    Sort by album
    First album: Action Replay - Surkin
    Last album: 99 Cents - Chicks On Speed

    Top Five Most Played Songs
    1. Kebee - Feeling You (Ft. 샛별)
    2. We Are Scientists - Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit)
    3. Burial - Archangel
    4. Marco Polo - War (Ft. Kardinal Offishall)
    5. The Upbeats - Thinking Cap

    Five songs that comes up on Shuffle
    1. Scott Brown & DMO - I'm In Heaven
    2. X-Ray Dog - No Fear
    3. Living Legends - Common Ground
    4. Misha - Bugs 2
    5. Bloc Party - Banquet

    Search the following and state how many songs come up
    Death - 390
    Life - 233
    Love - 392
    Hate - 66
    You - 353
    Sex - 69 (LOOL)
  • Feelin fresh!

    Ago 15 2008, 0h11

    So I'm in the process of editing many artists that are in my library. Many that I just got rid of since the artist names were incorrect. I just shaved off around a 1,000 something plays but it feels kinda... refreshing lol.
  • What happened to you, UK grime?

    Ago 3 2008, 3h53

    You were such an innovative style to me several months ago, especially after my friend Ellis played me Dizzee's "I Luv U" and Wiley's "Wot Do U Call It?". With your really distorted, tweaked UK garage-ish beats and ace production from producers like MRK1. Now, you are nothing but filled with typical gangsta lyrics and really poor, repetitive dubstep beats on every release.

    The last good release I remember from you was Durrty's Axiom EP. Though I can't wait for Virus Syndicate's new album.

    Well, there's always quality dubstep from producers like Distance, Skream (of course), Marlow, Kromestar, and many others...

    BTW - If anyone has any good grime releases that I have no clue about (which I'm sure there's a lot since I'm not a UK native) then hit me up. I heard that youngster Chipmunk and I think he's a waste.
  • This artist name tag bullshit...

    Jul 4 2008, 21h57

    is only getting a LITTLE tedious?!


    "The artist name doesn't have a space in the middle!"

    "Their name started with a capital 'T'"

    "Their name started with 'The'"

    Seriously, WTF?!?!