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  • Cylob

    How's tricks?? Just to let you know that the MAC Album of the Week Contest is back. Demand permitting of course!

    5 Jul 9h44 Responder
  • rm508

    It wasn't but I WISH IT WAS. Obviously clearly took inspiration from Composers Who Own Cats or Sometimes Dogs. I found one thread (intermezzo.typepad. com/intermezzo/2012/09/composers-dogs.html) that probably seriously did rip me off, so that's not very nice. A few comments on the collection you found: sternest game of billiards ever. Also: that's Messiaen's SON?

    4 Jul 5h04 Responder
  • kathysaurus

    hi connorsaur

    11 Jun 14h31 Responder
  • TriptheLight

    try Gas, Deepchord (liumin), the Orb (orblivion), The field, thomas koner

    20 Mai 17h34 Responder
  • shitscud

    Hey. Sorry for being a big fag, which I can't help. I really do love all of you, but getting away was the best thing to happen to me this year so far. Hopefully Youyesss killed it on my behalf.

    23 Abr 12h39 Responder
  • kathysaurus

    "Michael Hurley seems like a nice man, and he is good at making up songs." sounds like the place for meeee.

    15 Abr 3h13 Responder
  • kathysaurus

    no one shouts at me anymore

    14 Abr 19h29 Responder
  • Aesthethica

    sick, i wanna live in philly one day. im in Milford, DE rn.

    14 Abr 1h19 Responder
  • Aesthethica

    hey are you in the philly area?

    14 Abr 0h53 Responder
  • Aesthethica

    woah, cool. i honestly didnt expect to get accepted. thanks.

    10 Abr 15h20 Responder
  • Youyesyesyes

    I got like 12 and got bored.... and frustrated.

    9 Abr 23h55 Responder
  • JorgeGabriel20

    Add me?! Up Iron!!!

    2 Abr 14h14 Responder
  • rm508

    Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, completely forgot it was my week ... Totally dropped the ball ... Contributing to general moral decline ... I need some more time ...

    30 Mar 11h49 Responder
  • mostly-metal

    oh yeah, the Gucci mane, or just general Trap Rap thread

    21 Mar 23h09 Responder
  • Youyesyesyes

    Wow a new avatar. How does it feel? Do you feel reborn? Easter is right around the corner after all.

    19 Mar 22h38 Responder
  • Youyesyesyes

    Yes, this one is my internet doppelganger.

    11 Mar 9h53 Responder
  • Youyesyesyes

    I call this avatar.... The Youyesyesyes Classic #1 Self-Portrait in Yellow

    10 Mar 20h00 Responder
  • nice_face

    oh/ i'm/ sorry,/ that/ was/ meant/ to/ be/ posted/ on/ the/ group's/ shoutbox./ i'd/ try/ to/ be/ an/ active/ memeber/ of/ the/ group,/ so/ I/ could/ introduce/ to/ some/ of/ the/ hidden/ treasures/ of/ drone.

    9 Mar 1h54 Responder
  • megajosh2

    Man, two weekends to vote... people bailing has really made things go strange. I was already aware, thanks. Never done something like this before but I'm interested in seeing how people react.

    6 Mar 6h34 Responder
  • Youyesyesyes

    I call this avatar... The Youyesyesyes Classic #2 im Weltraum

    2 Mar 23h14 Responder
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1st song - "Wrong 'em Boyo" by The Clash

"One does not pour chocolate sauce over asparagus."
- George Szell regarding his conducting of Mozart

"Never look at the trombones, you'll only encourage them."
- Richard Strauss

“They’re singing your praises while stealing your phrases.”
- Charles Mingus

"Ya know something, People? I'm not black, but there's a whole lots of time I wish I could say I'm not white."
- Frank Zappa

"Did you get that thing I sent you?"
- Peter Potamus

"One thing wrong with a lot of people is that they limit themselves to wanting only a certain style of playing or they limit themselves to wanting only a certain type of sound. I like all the styles and all the sounds, so I'm completely free. I can do whatever I want to." - Lester Bowie

"Let's not worry about whether the result is jazz or this or that type of performance. Let's just say that what we're all trying to create, in one way or another, is music." - Duke Ellington

"To save the planet, I had to go to the worst spot on Earth, and that was Philadelphia, which was death's headquarters." - Sun Ra

"If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience." - John Cage

"The music makes me high." - CunninLynguists

"I want to come back as a note." - Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"If you’re going to explore uncharted territory, it’s okay to carry a compass, but not a map." - Derek Bailey

"I don't expect people who listen to Emerson, Lake & Palmer to come hear me. I accept that reality." - Cecil Taylor

"For me, it's all fly poop on white paper." - Han Bennink on sheet music.

"Silence is perfect. So when you make a sound, it must be on the level of silence." - Roscoe Mitchell

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before." - Leonard Bernstein

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