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  • soberdosis

    at least i don't listen to every time i die and gucci mane and the weeknd and (sigh) drake... how does it feel to be judged by your music taste? or are you still butthurt? lel.

    Ontem 02:17 Responder
  • soberdosis

    early trivium and a7x is like a million times better than every time i die. looking at your chart, now i get why you're so butthurt. they're one of your fav bands too. lel.

    26 Jul 9h35 Responder
  • legavin

    Haha lol I found that shit years ago, nice site.

    24 Jul 21h53 Responder
  • cooldude1993

    sorry for the late response; nope, that ain't me, I deleted my last account (huehue)

    21 Jul 23h12 Responder
  • Chamakay

    normally i would mind cus the feel is boring but i'm drunk s oit's ok : )

    20 Jul 5h01 Responder
  • Chamakay

    steady dyin', how bout u

    20 Jul 2h18 Responder
  • Chamakay

    RT: who is this? rausty? [2]

    19 Jul 15h17 Responder
  • loganterriah

    If you're at all into them, yeah.

    19 Jul 11h29 Responder
  • cooldude1993

    what is kajsdklf??

    18 Jul 19h38 Responder
  • richlesbian

    yeah my dad does a lot of travelling and stuff for work so we moved around a lot. kitchener really is a downgrade tbh and trust me downtown is dead, the city is trying to do things to make it like it was in the 80s again where people actually went there but it's not working out too well. i've never actually been to hamilton though, and nothing really makes me want to :b france is okay, it's mostly just overhyped tbh. as everything is i guess. it's nothing special. i find it boring but i guess everybody finds where they're from boring? i wasn't in paris or anything so there wasn't anything interesting going on where i was at anyway. it'd be cool to go as a tourist i imagine but having lived there makes it average at best for me

    18 Jul 17h00 Responder
  • SlightlyEpic

    dude I am so behind on new music, what should I be listening to in 2014???????

    18 Jul 11h00 Responder
  • cooldude1993

    sylt m9

    17 Jul 5h22 Responder
  • richlesbian

    my taste is just dumb like i have my 70s goth and then hannah montana i just don't even know where my life is heading anymore :'( !! i'm from france originally. i'm not here for school i'm just here because my fam wanted to be for whatever reason i guess :// and kitchener's OKAY but i live in the core of downtown so i get to witness the most ghetto parts and it's fun almost stepping on needles when walking down the street :) but that's just another day in the life u know

    16 Jul 14h47 Responder
  • junkyard_god

    Salem is god tier

    15 Jul 10h32 Responder
  • kevinbrian101

    gotcha too man

    15 Jul 7h55 Responder
  • richlesbian

    tbh they are kind of cheesy. it's kind of hard to recommend one album but i like unicorn steak. im in to a lot of shitty music so who even knows what's good anymore. and im not a native to canada so i don't really know a lot about the cities and stuff. i'm pretty clueless when it comes to anything about canada except for the area that im used to which is kitchener

    15 Jul 4h18 Responder
  • richlesbian

    wow they're so good you gotta listen??? and i don't even know where milton is........ i think it's close to oakville but i don't even know i literally only know kitchener/waterloo/cambridge and then toronto and the rest is a blur. i've never even been to koi fest before though so i'm excited for this one i wanna see how it turns out

    15 Jul 3h50 Responder
  • richlesbian

    how dare you laugh me and my cheetah gurl amigas are no joke...... and i'm going for counterparts as well but i really wanna see die mannequin. i live like 5 minutes away from koi so i'll prob see as much as i can anyway

    14 Jul 23h50 Responder
  • richlesbian

    why did u go to vans warped tour are u some kind of myspace scene kid throwback with an ombre???? yea i see u mhm dont make me get da lil loca chonga clown gurl posse on ju homez

    14 Jul 22h22 Responder
  • fuuckingcuunt

    I forgot about Sabertooth Zombie! Gonna have to get their discography today

    14 Jul 12h58 Responder
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