clash of the bands: Round 1: Group Fase: Results


Ago 15 2008, 21h03

Hereby the clash of the bands round 1 results. 1/8 finals will be posted later this evening. Anyway the results:

Group A
Group A was pretty clear. Iron Maiden was the most popular of the 2 giant bands. Tiamat got some points but far from enough.

Iron Maiden 24
Metallica 10
Tiamat 6

Group B Group of death :P
This was really the hardest group of them all. Everyone was really divided. But in the end Nightwish and Sonata Arctica proved to be the best bands.
Nightwish 12
Sonata Arctica 11
Epica 10
Altaria 7

Group C
Well this groups was mainly about who was going to be the number two. The self proclaimed gods of the founders of power metal. It were the founders of power metal who came in second.
Slayer 17
Helloween 11
Manowar 9
Korpiklaani 3

Group D
Also an interesting battle, Rhapsody came in first and then the end battle was one between a black death metal band and pop singer Sting. Sting won, but just barely.
Rhapsody 14
Sting 13
Behemoth 11
Jeremy Soule 2

Group E
Judas priest became the unchallenged number one. The band which was best in scoring seconds was Dream Evil.
Judas Priest 25
Dream Evil 9
Creedence Clearwater Revival 6
Guus Meeuwis

Group F
The rise of Faun with the last reactions couldn't stop from Lacuna Coil from becoming second. An interesting group. Queen number 1 place was one of the thing which was certain.
Queen 26
Lacuna Coil 7
Faun 6
Freedom Call 1

Group G
Stratovarius 18
The Police 16
Mannenkoor Karrespoor 3
Charon 3
Interesting to see who became number one, The Police or Stratovarius, nothing more.

Group H
Bruce Dickinson 19
Golden Earring 8
The 69 Eyes 7
Mark Griskey 1
Interesting group, some players didn't want to post the score for this group and some only partially. Bruce Dickinson became the winner and the oldies from The Golden Earring barely survived the encounter with the Helsinki Vampires.


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