McFly @ Newcastle - 8/11/08


Nov 16 2008, 20h41

They were absolutely brilliant and better than i had ever expected. It was awesome cause i took my best friend Emily with me and my tracks of the night were defiantely the last song and do ya for me and emily told me hers were smile and Transylvania. They came to the middle stage and it was even better then. And when they came out I swear tom pointed to me and i fainted into emily's arms. but then danny pointed at us both and we screamed so loud. and they signed my banner and i swear there was a spark between me and tom when i handed him my pen to sign our stuff and the same with emily. They said ourr names and we screamed loudly again. .
Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones = my are life.
One of the best nights of our lives.
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Tom Fletcher


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