• what the hell

    Jan 27 2013, 21h29

    I went to flip on my player, (I can only take spotify ads for a night or two before crying uncle) it updated and now it's conked out after maybe 5 hours of play. I now have to pay for a radio service that goes stupid 3 or 4 times a night? Shenanigans.

    I'm trying to ween myself off of social sites. I'm barely on this site when I'm online, now I have to log on to listen to anything? Balls.

    There's several other sites now where I can get turned on to new music (or discover old music that's new to me). That's the thing I liked the most about They had to go bollocks it up. If they haven't gone the way of friendster or myspace already, watch it happen in a year or two.

    I'm uninstalling the player, and strongly considering bailing from this site if nothing improves.
  • I'm in the new Tori Amos comix anthology!

    Abr 12 2008, 17h58

    This anthology is stacked to the decks with talent spanning the whole spectrum of the comics industry. Like the Belle & Sebastian antho from last year, this book is made up of stories inspired by Amos' songs. Sampling her entire catalog. I'm thrilled to have been asked to be in the book. Rantz (the editor) has been working with Tori on this for a while.

    Comic Book Tattoo (from Image Comics) hits the shelves this summer with a big rollout at San Diego. Still up in the air right now as to whether or not I can make it. I'll be kicking myself hard if I can't make it this year.

    Favorite albums: Scarlet's Walk, Boys for Pele, From the Choirgirl Hotel, Under the Pink, and Little Earthquakes.
  • the soundtrack of our lives

    Mar 26 2008, 2h12

    People sometimes are baffled by what I listen to sometimes. Wondering how I arrived at what I enjoy listening to now. It's all over the map. Two things happened that freed me up from my hair metal/hip hop daze: grunge and art school. I don't think I really began to listen to music, really listen till college. One could relay it to being born again. I grew up in a rural wasteland in the early nineties. Through some freakish accident, 'grunge' hit at the right time and set me on the path of obscure. The underground was starting to leak in to the sticks. It wasn't enough to just listen to the Pixies, Nirvana and or Pavement. No, I wanted to seek out the influences. I had never heard anything like Wave of Destruction before. It was a struggle to find anything like it in my hometown. Where Garth Brooks and Boys II Men ruled the racks.

    Fortunately, I moved to a town that was flush with great record shops and a kick ass library system that stocked everything from Brainiac to the X. It really took hold after a teacher had given me the encouragement to take an hour. Once a week or in between classes and haunt the library. It was meant to look through artists and design books but I also checked out music.. and film. Obsessing over it. Ingesting it. It's gotten to the point where I can pick out influences and (stolen) riffs. It enriches the whole experience for me. Comforting in a way. It's always a thrill when I discover a new favorite for the first time. A lot of the ones I enjoyed the most never really hit it big. Truly a music nerd for life.
  • Any way to permanently ban tracks / artists on this site?

    Jul 4 2007, 4h55

    I love My only qualm with it is I can't permanently ban tracks and or artists.

    Bands I hate on that pop up waaaay to often:
    Joanna Newsom, Deveranda Banhart, Of Montreal, The Decemberists, Sufran Stevens, Pinback, Ben Kweller, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Apples in Stereo, Spoon, Tortoise.

    Some bands I moderately tolerate(or desperately want to delete tracks): New Pornographers (only like the tracks featuring Neko), Death Cab for Cutie, TV on the Radio (alot of their tracks sound like bad 80's white soul music. Of the Micheal McDonald/Phil Collins variety), Fiery Furnaces (first album was great. then they made more), Bloc Party
  • Sigh..

    Mar 25 2007, 16h15

    My soundcard just went out on my computer. Things will be a bit quiet for a while on here.

    Currently I'm listening to the new Frames and Kristen Hirsh disc.
  • friending on here

    Jan 5 2007, 22h23

    Please don't be offended if it takes forever for me to friend you back. I rarely check my account.