"Hey Dizzo, surely you haven't really listened to Ghostface Killah 976 times...


Mai 22 2009, 12h30

... this week?"

No, you're right, of course. i'm just doing some maintenance/manipulation on my Overall stats. Ghostface Killah went by the name of Ghostface for only one of his seven studio records, namely The Pretty Toney Album, but until now last.fm has always redirected any tracks tagged "Ghostface Killah" to just "Ghostface" - incorrect six times out of seven, and more than slightly irksome to boot.

Anyway, they've now thankfully fixed this issue and Ghostface Killah tracks are accepted again. So i'm substituting everything tagged Ghostface in my library for the version with the Killah added, hence the strange-looking play counts and very short spaces of time between plays. In reality i've only actually listened to Fishscale and Bulletproof Wallets this week.

And yeh, i realise this'll give my weeklies the shaft somewhat, but strictly speaking they're never accurate anyway because of the amount of music i listen to off the computer and then play in later. Statistically i'm all about the bigger picture.