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Jun 17 2009, 6h47

Thursday Retrospective

Thursday are a band with a lot to answer for. Without lead singer Geoff Rickly's Eyeball Records, My Chemical Romance would not have found a deal for first album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, which as many may know, was brought out before the band went supernova. Some may thank them for this, others may choose to curse the circumstances. Either way, this is no reason to ignore the seminal New Jersey act.

Second record, Full Collapse, remains a firm fan favourite, cementing their place as a band present in this climate to influence rather than succeed, to lead rather than to follow. Like Deftones' Chino Moreno before him, vocalist Geoff Rickly does not possess a conventional singing voice, but what he does have is so raw and emotional, such trivial things cease to matter.

Understanding In A Car Crash both opens the album and becomes its highlight, The Smiths-aping chiming guitars underscoring a powerful and very quotable lyric. I Am The Killer sounds so much like a track from fellow NJ band Coheed and Cambria's first record, you have to wonder whether the band have been secretly sharing members. Standing On The Edge Of Summer is also glorious perfection, adding to idea that the songs on this record sound so timeless, you can hardly believe they're 7 years old.

Follow-up War All The Time is a personal favourite record and few can resist the instant hit of juddering, lurching opener of For The Workforce, Drowning, and the album only goes from strength to strength from there. Division St. is an incredible song, the incredible power Rickly puts into THE "LIGHTS OUT, BLACK OUT" line will knock you for six. My personal introduction to the band, Signals Over The Air, may seem a little dull at first listen, but the lyrics will shine through upon closer inspection, a similar case to eponymous track War All The Time, which connects more universal themes with travails of those closest to home.

Also, the gorgeous track artist=Thursday]This Song Is Brought To You By A Falling Bomb[/track] shows a softer side to the band, led by piano rather than guitar. Tomorrow I'll Be You closes the album, and although I haven't included it as a download, its well worth checking out as a next step into the band simply because its my favourite song of theirs, without a doubt.

Most recent record A City By The Light Divided is a very eclectic record, with a more progressive element introduced. The band seem to have a new-found urgency to them, and sound heavier than ever before, which can be seen on opener The Other Side Of The Crash/Over And Out Of (Control). Counting 5-4-3-2-1 disguises an extremely sad lyric about a young life ended by a train behind a massive sounding tune, this song was many's introduction to the new album, an album that has received unjust amounts of stick over the internet for those narrow minded fans who demand a return to the days of Full Collapse.

However, evolution can only be a good thing if it produces tunes the size of At This Velocity, sounding like The Mars Volta at their baroque best being thrown down the stairs by the manic energy of Converge. Running From The Rain is simply gorgeous, like an epic version of Full Collapse's Standing On The Edge Of Summer.

Into The Blinding Light is another furious effort, the fire lit beneath the band still burning into the latter stages of the album. Even The sand is made of seashells is simply gorgeous, one could simply drift away on Geoff Rickly's hushed vocal.

Thursday's amazing back catalogue also includes Kill The House Lights, highly recommended especially for new track Ladies And Gentlemen, My Brother The Failure for the converted, but as an introduction, since most B-side tracks are patchy at best, and the live DVD secondary in nature to actually catching the band live.

You may well have heard Thursday's name before ("I hear it every week" puns are not welcome) but have ignored them - I urge you to amend this immediately, as you are missing out on one of 's heroes and true underground legends.

For Fans Of: Thrice, Alexisonfire, My Chemical Romance, Glassjaw

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    mmm, I agree in the for fans of, but... why the second stage turbine blade? I don't think it to be similar to [i]any[/i] thursday album

    Jul 2 2009, 18h48
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