• Who are important in music right now?

    Jan 13 2011, 17h49

    Its all well and good having a "top 40 artists this year" list, But how many of you agreed with it? How many of you even listened to half of the things on it? I believe there were only a rare few I could say I've spent much time over in the past year (Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, etc etc).

    I'm known to be the musically difficult person in my group of friends, I tend to sway off in some obscure direction and stay there for a long time, very rarely listening to what I'm offered on places like itunes top 100 or NME chart. I believe good music is there to be found, not pushed in your face, You have to discover it for yourself, As in finding a rare gem.

    Fortunately, 2010 has been another year of gems for me. Not all necessarily released last year, but discovered during it! Some you may have heard of, Some you may have not.

    "Portugal. The Man"

    P.TM were one of the first bands I came across in 10', and needless to say, they're really something else. A great energy and presence throughout their albums, held together with some of the hookiest tracks I've ever heard. The band have been around for a good 8 years or so, and have a few albums to show for it, All of which present a different treat to the ear. My favourite, The Satanic Satanist is such a great album from start to finish, Its not terribly complicated or deep, But it makes up for this with an entire collection of single friendly math-pop songs that will be stuck in your head for weeks. Opening track People Say sets the pace for the rest of the album with a great beat and an infectious chorus. It needs to be heard to be believed how hooky a single album can be!


    Kassidy are new kids on the block. They are four singers, with four guitars. And they rock.

    I first came across Kassidy by pure chance, when they were featured on a bite-size music program, And the rest is history. The foursome from glasgow have made quite a name for themselves in the local music scene, and in 2010 alone have done a massive UK tour and festival appearances in Reading and Leeds, T in The Park and Bestival. And not even an album out yet!

    Take Another Ride is one of their centrepiece songs live, and it is incredible. The band manage to harmonise their voices and guitars together to make them sound like a 12 piece superstar set on stage, It is a sight to be seen. Their E.P.'s are currently available on itunes, I really suggest you head there now and pick them up, I promise not an inch of disappointment. With their debut album due for March, 2011 will most likely be a big year for the lads, Keep your eyes and ears open!

    Band of Horses

    Its taken me several years to finally listen to these guys properly. I was aware of their existence for quite some time and yet I hadnt made the time to pick any of their albums up. So finally, in 2010 I got their stuff, and needless to say I'm gutted I didnt listen sooner!

    BoH are very mellow, with indie rock flowing within them (with a sprinkle of country for good measure!) and they couldnt sound any more heart melting! I remember a couple years back hearing The Funeral on an advert and I liked what I heard, but didnt realise that I wasnt even scraping the surface! Personally, My favourite album of theirs is Cease to Begin, Its phenominal. The opener Is There a Ghost is such a great track to begin the album, Bursting full of energy, I love it so much. Definately worth getting if you havent already!

    (Not to forget No One's Gonna Love You *melts*)
  • The Best Albums 2010

    Dez 10 2010, 20h30

  • The Best Albums 2010

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  • Bands I used to like and love who I now hate, and vice-versa...

    Out 25 2009, 19h14

    Ok, everyone knows that taste changes over time, so its only natural that some music you used to like now grinds on your gears. I try to keep positive about bands that I had a liking for in the past, as they did have their importance to me in their time...however, its then questionable why I stopped liking them in the first place... So lets look into that..

    Kings of Leon -Probably a band you'd expect to see on this list. I remember the days when I used to listen to nothing but Youth & Young Manhood and aha shake heartbreak. What a fantastic pair of albums! KoL really were one of my favourite bands back in the day as their sound was totally unique to themselves, it had that country/western twang, yet remained rocky and hooky at the same time. They really made a big impression on me.
    Then came Because of the Times. I immediately noticed the change of direction in sound, but it wasnt just took a bit of getting used to. Some Tracks such as "Charmer", "My Party", "Knocked Up" and "Fans" were good songs, worthy of a listen. But it was a given that it didnt touch their earlier efforts.
    Now...well you know what I'm going to say... Kings of Leon now seem to have become another generic chart-pleasing stadium band.. Only by the Night was spectacularly AWFUL. When i first listened to it, I thoroughly enjoyed the first track "Closer", but the rest went from average, to bad, to shameful. Their past roots seem to be severed almost completely. No sound remains similar from their past.

    I understand bands want to progress their sound and try new things, but Kings of Leon are the standard definition of Sell-Out. Thank god I opted to see Faith No More at Reading Festival this year instead of them as apparantly they were rude to the crowd and played a horrid set. They've alienated most of their fans and welcomed in a generation of music listeners who decide via chart positions if a song is worth liking or not. Sad.

    Muse- OK, before you get the wrong idea, in no way do i hate or even remotely dislike Muse. I think they're one of the best modern British bands ever. Its just my gripes with the worrying direction that they seem to be going in. I actually used to severely dislike Muse a long long while back, dismissing their songs when hearing them (tracks like "Plug In Baby" etc, that you'd see on Kerrang for e.g.), and it wasnt until I purchased Origin Of Symnetry, that I finally understood what the big deal was. Muse have a EPIC scale to them. Bellamy certainly knows how to draw a listener in, and his vocals are near (and scarily) perfect. Tracks such as "New Born", "Hyper Music" and "Citizen Erased" have this magnum opus feel to them, just so EXPLOSIVE and brilliant. It was an extremely addictive album and I found myself listening to it constantly.
    I was then a fully fledged Muse fan and enjoyed both Showbiz and Absolution to a huge degree. It was not until Black Holes and Revelations that I first started seeing cracks in their music. Now by all means, BHAR is a great album, and I still occasionally listen to it, but compared to their past albums it was less of a complete piece of work. Tracks like "Exo-Politics", "Map Of The Problematique", "Assassin", "Knights Of Cydonia" were the Muse that I knew and loved, again that Epic feel to the songs, so powerful and face melting. It was songs like "Supermassive Black Hole", "Starlight", and "Invincible" where I felt slight indifference to the album....the tracks were very generic and poppy...not that theres anything wrong with more accessible songs than others, but i feel that they were out of shape for the type of music Muse was used to whipping out.

    (To be fair, Im just being overly picky and would have said nothing about BHAR, its just to back up my idea of their present musical direction)

    So.... The Resistance

    Biggest disappointment of 2009?

    You bet'cha.

    Whats wrong with the album? I think we would be quicker to mention whats right with it to be honest. Some bands deserve to be a little pretentious, as they've earned it, And to a degree I would say Muse are one of those bands. However, a three part "Symphony"? Steady on now. I listened to the album with an open mind, and with a minor degree of optimism, being a fan an'all. Needless to say it didnt come close to any of my expectations. One minute they sound like a Queen-Prodigy, while they next try to pull off similar fast-track brilliances that you would find on OoS, and name them Muselike such as "MK Ultra". It doesnt work for me.
    Theyve had enough time to come out with something that would blow me away, and I know they can because theyve done it before. But with drole goldfrappy beated slow-paced singles like "Uprising" they're clearly going in the wrong direction.

    Exogenesis?...Symphony?...Part....III? *sigh*
  • Best Gigs I've Ever Been To

    Out 15 2009, 15h04

    1. Pearl Jam w/ Gomez - MEN Arena
    2. Blur w/ Foals, Crystal Castles, Golden Silvers - Hyde Park
    3. Smashing Pumpkins w/ The Twilight Sad - Glasgow Academy
    4. Radiohead -Reading Festival
    5. Pixies w/ Sons and Daughters - Glasgow SECC
  • Bands Im Totally Into At The Moment...

    Set 30 2009, 4h50

    Ok, lots of good stuff ive discovered over the past while, Some great, some amazingly great and some mind-numbingly masterful. Here's some artists I reccomend to ALL of you :

    The Twilight Sad
    The Antlers
    Pull Tiger Tail
    Passion Pit

    All these bands bar iLiKETRAiNS have an album out this year plus other material. I hope you take my advice and check these out, as its some of the finest stuff I've ever heard (Twilight Sad's new album is my Album Of The Year so far (Forget the Night Ahead))
  • Top 20 RHCP Songs...

    Ago 4 2009, 5h12

    20. Dosed
    19. This Velvet Glove
    18. One Big Mob
    17. True Men Dont Kill Coyotes
    16. Stadium Arcadium
    15. Easily
    14. Minor Thing
    13. Fight Like A Brave
    12. Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky
    11. Shallow Be Thy Game
    10. Venice Queen
    09. Bunker Hill
    08. Porcelain
    07. Taste The Pain
    06. Transcending
    05. Knock Me Down
    04. Sir Psycho Sexy
    03. QuixoticElixir
    02. Warped
    01. I Could Have Lied
  • My Top 10 Songs Of All Time

    Jul 28 2009, 3h40

    1. "Comforting Sounds"- Mew
    2. "Cold Days From The Bird House" - Twilight Sad
    3. "Mayonaise" - Smashing Pumpkins
    4. "Black" - Pearl Jam
    5. "Emotion Sickness" - Silverchair
    6. " Rooster"- Alice In Chains
    7. "Behold! The Nightmare" - Smashing Pumpkins
    8. "I Could Have Lied" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    9. "Hoppipolla" -Sigur Ros
    10. "Warped" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Top 72 Mew Songs!!

    Jul 25 2009, 3h19

    Mew- TOP 72 Songs

    Number 1 Being best OBVIOUSLY.

    72. How Things Turn Out To Be
    71. Where Have All The Geysers Gone
    70. Succubus
    69. Owl
    68. Life Is Not Distant
    67. Pink Monster
    66. Bones (Song For Albert)
    65. Misplaced
    64. Drown
    63. Watch This Space
    62. Quietly
    61. Superfriends
    60. City Voices
    59. Killer
    58. Start
    57. Like Paper Cuts
    56. Half The World Is Watching Me
    55. Nothing Is Red
    54. Safe As Houses
    53. Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years
    52. I Should Have Been A Tsin-Tsi (For You)
    51. No Shadow Kick
    50. Animals Of Many Kinds
    49. Forever And Ever
    48. King Christian
    47. Tricks
    46. Swimmers Chant
    45. Why Are You Looking Grave?
    44. Hawaii Dream
    43. Small Ambulance
    42. Fox Cub
    41. Coffee Break
    40. Sometimes Life Isnt Easy
    39. Beautiful Balloon
    38. Louise Louisa
    37. Saliva
    36. Snowflake
    35. Chinaberry Tree
    34. New Terrain
    33. Then I Run
    32. Symmetry
    31. Repeaterbeater
    30. Mica
    29. Like Chaser
    28. Beach
    27. Wheels Over Me
    26. Saviours Of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December)
    25. Snow Brigade
    24. Reprise
    23. The Seething Rain Weeps For You
    22. 156
    21. Vaccine
    20. Apocalypso
    19. A Dark Design
    18. Silas The Magic Car
    17. Panda
    16. Hawaii
    15. She Came Home For Christmas
    14. An Envoy To The Open Fields
    13. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
    12. Circuitry Of The Wolf
    11. The Zookeeper's Boy
    10. Cartoons And Macrame Wounds
    9. That Time On The Ledge
    8. Am I Wry? No
    7. Wherever
    6. She Spider
    5. Introducing Palace Players
    4. Behind The Drapes
    3. White Lips Kissed
    2. Web
    1. Comforting Sounds

    I mean EVERYONE knew number 1 without looking, but I hope my other choices raised a few eyebrows :P
  • Bands Ive Seen Live! And Rated!

    Jun 15 2009, 2h23

    -Blur- 10
    -Foals- 7
    -Crystal Castles- 5
    -Golden Silvers- 5
    -Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- 8

    -Smashing Pumpkins- 10
    -Twilight Sad- 7

    -Radiohead- 10
    -Bat For Lashes- 2

    -Muse- 10
    -My Chemical Romance- 2

    -Red Hot Chili Peppers- 9
    -Ash- 7
    -N.E.R.D.- 7

    -The Music- 9
    -The Chemists- 6

    -White Stripes- 8
    -The Bees- 5
    -Air- 7
    -Queens Of The Stone Age- 8

    -Bloc Party- 9
    -Foals- 7
    -The Cribs- 8

    -Biffy Clyro- 8
    -The Invisibles- 4

    -Red Hot Chili Peppers- 7
    -Reverend And The Makers- 3
    -Biffy Clyro- 7

    Leeds Festival
    -Pigeon Detectives- 6
    -Mindless Self Indulgence- 5
    -Adam Green- 6
    -Cajun Dance Party- 7
    -Lightspeed Champion- 8
    -Hadouken!- 8
    -The Music- 9
    -Pendulum- 9
    -Tenacious D- 7
    -Metallica- 9
    -Serj Tankian- 5
    -Biffy Clyro- 7
    -Jack Penate- 8
    -MGMT- 6
    -Queens Of The Stone Age- 7
    -Rage Against The Machine- 10
    -Dirty Pretty Things- 3
    -Foals- 8
    -We Are Scientists- 7
    -Editors- 7
    -The Raconteurs- 7
    -Bloc Party- 8
    -The Killers- 9

    -Franz Ferdinand- 9
    -Ladytron- 5

    -Smashing Pumpkins- 9
    -Twin Atlantic- 6

    -Editors- 9
    -Mobius Band- 7

    -Mindless Self Indulgence- 6
    -Bring Me The Horizon- 1

    -Sum 41- 8
    -Four Square- 6
    -Engerica- 8

    -The Cribs- 8
    -Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong- 4
    -The Ting Tings- 2
    -Does It Offend You, Yeah?- 9

    -Does It Offend You, Yeah?- 9
    -George Pringle- 3
    -Cut Off Your Hands- 7

    -Hadouken!- 8
    -Shut Your Eyes Or You'll Burst Into Flames- 7
    -The Whip- 7

    -Lightspeed Champion- 8
    -Semifinalists- 6

    -Futureheads- 8
    -Grammatics- 7

    -Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly- 6
    -Emmy The Great- 5
    -The Excerts- 7

    -30 Seconds To Mars- 4
    -We Are The Physics- 8

    -Velvet Revolver- 7
    -The Datsuns- 7

    -Good Charlotte- 7
    -Rooney- 6

    -Boy Kill Boy- 7
    -The Fuzz- 3