• Tarja: how cool can she get?

    Set 25 2011, 13h11

    Wed 21 Sep – Sounds of the Ages 2011

    Every time I go to see Tarja Turunen live I leave the show absolutely convinced it was the best, I've ever been to. Until the next, which turns out to be even better.

    I mean how cool can she get really? Could she be any more amazing, than she already is? Oh dear, you bet!

    If you can make more than 5,000 hard metal fans explode in emotion after a Bach suite or stand up and dance on Carmen's famous aria, you can surely do anything.

    All that happened on the very first "Beauty and the Beat" concert, which was initiated by Tarja and Mike Tarrana and took place at the ancient Amphitheater in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) on September, the 21st 2011.

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