Ode to Chiptunes


Jan 10 2011, 18h47

My god, chiptunes make me happy.

None of the ancient C64 noise-dirge, ass velcro stuff... that just makes me long for a Sound Blaster.

But that sweet, sweet Amiga sound... the base for countless tracker and demoscene glory tunes... spluttering sprays, thudding beats, careening portamento. I can bathe in it for hours and hours. Like listening to a carefree childhood dumped to disk.

Dubmood,zabutom? You are heroes. "zeta force" is one minute of infinite-loopable greatness, the perfect blend of upbeat anthemic and chilled-out cool. "Supersquatting" is perfect roll up on some fools nerd rock.

Who can't immediately love Quazar of Sanxion's "Hybrid Song," with or without COME ON AND JAM! splattered all over it; all the little "lookie lookie" cool-as-shit turnarounds like the super brief riff change-up about a minute into She's "Nebula"; the pure, transcendent glory of "Another Winter" by Anamanaguchi as it soars and climbs arpeggios like exuberant kids scaling backyard walnut trees; the absolutely exhilarating rush of kenet & rez's "Unreal Superhero 3" and its supercharged, purloined Ennio Morricone melody?

Everything here is a treasure. Especially, though, it's the fast stuff, the rollicking teenage dream paraphernalia, the stuff that bitchslaps your nucleus accumbens, that really shines. This is the best punk metal you've never heard. All the kinetic energy remains. The freeform simplicity decked out with a fetish for hyperspeed singing arpeggios, all handed off to a performer that can play flawlessly at any tempo.

Listen to enough of it in a span of time, and going back to music with "real" instruments is like Dorothy's Kansas. Home, but the Technicolor is gone. The leads sing like the purest angels, the obese bass hits like an office chair sized sledgehammer to your solar plexus. The whole world of sound seems to harmonize, and you have to stop yourself to remember that all this joy leaking into your ears is doing so from the innards of a machine not so different from a glorified silicon player piano. That the wizard behind this curtain, the one responsible for this ghost in the machine, is a musician of tremendous skill, craftsmanship and patience.

He is a badass, and this is art.

\m/ \m/


  • izmo


    Mar 20 2011, 6h15
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