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  • LaylaJuul

    Woah, lovely library you've got there :)

    novembro 2013
  • ZioBarrett

    promenades by the seaside. talking about moon company at night, travels to the ruins. she made history

    maio 2012
  • ZioBarrett

    love patti smith. been seeing her in tour. the best timing when she reads poetry

    maio 2012
  • CalypsoandMento

    Fuck yeah banana album

    agosto 2011
  • ravschmidt-sas

    Hey Thomas! :) I think I am playing very unusual and original music.. but all musicians think in this way, I guess) I need someone who tell me, "it's interesting" or "not interesting" =) without dirty words, "fuck off" or something that, JUST "interesting" or "not", ok?_) I want to hear honest opinion, from adult person, can you?) Thank you for attention! ;) Click here to visit our page!

    agosto 2010

    Welcome aboard, thomasbarbier! Happy listening.

    agosto 2009