• Tadhana (Destiny)

    Ago 7 2010, 16h00

    Tadhana (Destiny) is the new Up Dharma Down single.

    This song is part of a show in GMA 7 called "Illumina".

    You can download the song now in iTunes (set your iTunes to U.S. store)

    Spread the word and thank you again for all the support!
  • Imogen Heap Live in Singapore setlist

    Mar 30 2010, 6h17

    Mon 29 Mar – IMOGEN HEAP - LIVE!

    So I was there and Imogen Heap and her band were amazing!!!

    Here's the Singapore Setlist for those interested to know:

    - First Train Home
    - Wait It Out
    - Between Sheets
    - Headlock
    - Bad Body Double
    - Speeding Cars
    - Little Bird
    - Let Go
    - Aha!
    - The Fire (?)
    - Canvas
    - The Walk
    - Swoon
    - 2-1
    - Come Here Boy (?)
    - Tidal


    - Hide and Seek
    - Just For Now (where she asks us to do background vocals, cute!)
    - The Moment I Said It

    I thought she was rather generous with all the songs she performed.
    And I love the fact that she chatted and made jokes with the audience.

    Oh, how I love you more Immi! Please come to Manila, Philippines next time!!!

    Still over the moon,

    Ed x