lolgig 02/04/08 [Gogol Bordello, Skindred]


Abr 2 2008, 22h00

Tue 1 Apr – Gogol Bordello, Skindred

Fecking awesome gig! Was on the barrier the whole time, first gig I've done that for (I usually mosh). Skindred, starting with STAR WARS was brilliant, and their set was great.

Gogol Bordello played 20 songs for like, 2 hours I think, and they were really good as well. Eugene fucking stood on me haha xD Before standing on the barrier and giving me and my mate the mic! I think it was for Romania or Baro Faro...I dont know how we sounded! Shook (slapped) hands with most of the bands afterwards as well, that was really good of them.

When Eugene tried to grab the girl from security! xD Was lollin. Destroying the mic in the fire bucket as well, hah.

Many an injury now...I can feel my food go down =( And my arms and knees are shot to pieces. Have to say though, was SO WORTH IT!

Also, I HAD TO WEE MYSELF. I had NO CHOICE! Otherwise I would have lost my spot on the front row. To anyone who is reading this and was near me, surprise =D SUUUURE WASNT BEER.

Anyway yeah, great gig, I've been convinced to go back and see Skindred in May, dunno about anyone else!


  • orlinek

    Yeah, I've got to agree, that has probably been one of the best gigs I've ever been to! The atmospphere was amazing, and before I went, I didn't really know Skindred, and they were pretty amazing too. But I've got to say, the man of the show, was that darn fiddler! How the hell did he do it?! All I can say, is that he's the most energetic old man I have ever seen! And I got a really good picture of him too. Even though me and my friend were probably the youngest people there, I had an amazing time, and I'm going to go to every single Gogol gig they have in Bristol. I don't blame you for pissing yourself, I mean, how could you possibly give up being in the front? I was at the beginning, but these women were taking drugs behind us, and falling on top of us, expecting us to catch them... Overall though, they were immese, and I wouldn't have missed it for ANYTHING.

    Abr 3 2008, 19h47
  • drumbum16

    Hahah i was standing behind you, gotta say i didn't notice any beer. They were so on form. I don't thnk i've seen a band that together since tool last august. I went to the gig for Skindred having not heard much Gogol at the time the tickets came out, but i was so impressed!

    Abr 3 2008, 20h07
  • thesaltydog

    I'm glad someone agrees with my wee-wees. I felt loyal. =( If not a bit gross.

    Abr 3 2008, 21h21
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