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Abr 15 2009, 7h40

So I was thinking about the Boris song Huge from one of their more drone albums Amplifier Worship.

In the beginning "Subete ni kairu" is said, with subete being repeated followed by a monstrous 'voooooom'.

Breaking it down (depending on the kanji/kana used of couse but this makes more sense)...

Subete - all; the whole; entirely; in general; wholly; overall
Ni - indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.
Kairu - Frog (makes sense as there is a frog on the album cover)

My friend told me "All of the frog" or "All in the frog" probably works. (Thank you Jan)

All in the Frog is more reasonable to me. When you take the CD out of it's case (on the US press) you can see...

frogs love to eat flies, the devils name beelzebub lord of the flies, evil spirits love to spiritually feed upon those who beelzebub rules. At first I thought this makes no sense, as I was thinking if the devil in the Christian sense. But then I thought what if it's a metaphor like the book Lord Of The Flies.

The evil was inside the whole time. The difference is the frog is one who gave in and the fly is the one who fights it.

Humans are fine but can have a evil nature and can swallowed by (or give into the evil) the huge frog, which makes them of the frog.

Also in the booklet it says, "She is lying, Yet that is meaningless & decay."

She (whoever that is, a person.) lies to get people to listen to her, but fails.

"Lying & Slight Sway"

She continues to lie, to make her way though life, She's swayed from her original path just to get attention.

"Huge mouth."

Eventually all the lying she has done has made her end up in situations where she has done many things that some see as evil or backstabbing and is consumed with evil kinds of thoughts. (Being swallowed by the huge mouth of the frog)

Of course there can be many ways to look at it but this is mine.

Or I could just be thinking too hard.


  • PatrickClarke

    Is it kairu or kaeru? I heard it as kaeru which would mean "everything returns."

    Dez 24 2011, 18h04
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