Three Birds, One Stone


Fev 10 2011, 23h17

A conversation b/w three personalities of the same man!

a: the situation is immaturity and reluctantly in possession of a dangerous, secondary momentum.

b: A neglecting hand and a narcotic pencil.

c: Bloody.

b: Some inauspicious transition of impudence and sacrifice must be made into sub-normality and sub-formality. Either you statistically robotize the already fragile machine; or abstractly demonize the unbreakable bound.

a: Coordinated blasts of machine gun fire shadows the sunburn of inner evilness.

c: A bloody paper.

a: Suffer. Mortify. Some actual mercury eating mammal, with eyes wild open, scared of magnification during a routine maintenance.... Faulty equipment. Failure to miraculously function, fuse on subatomic particle. Failure to notify, and manage to PRECISELY interfere with autumn.

Random stranger, eavesdropping from afar, listening, and contemplating, screams out ... "but reality is more painful than... than this nonsense you had to endure."
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