Nåt sånt där som man gör istället för viktigare...:P


Out 12 2009, 18h59

1. Dream Theater
First Heard: Peruvian Skies
Fell In Love With: Caught in a Web (i think, they kinda grew slowly on me)
All-Time Favorite: Octavarium
Current Favorite: II. About to Crash

2. Meshuggah
First Heard: Combustion
Fell In Love With: Bleed
All-Time Favorite: In Death - Is Life
Current Favorite: Rational Gaze

3. Opeth
First Heard: Demon of the Fall
Fell In Love With: The Grand Conjuration
All-Time Favorite: Blackwater Park
Current Favorite: Isolation Years

4. Into Eternity
First Heard: Nothing
Fell In Love With: Nothing
All-Time Favorite: Timeless Winter
Current Favorite: Diagnosis Terminal

5. In Flames
First Heard: Take This Life
Fell In Love With: The Quiet Place
All-Time Favorite: Episode 666
Current Favorite: The New Word

6. Cornerstone
First Heard: Fooled (that one or Reload, not quite sure though)
Fell In Love With: Fooled
All-Time Favorite: Fooled
Current Favorite: Starlight and Mystery

7. Slipknot
First Heard: Before I Forget
Fell In Love With: Psychosocial
All-Time Favorite: Psychosocial
Current Favorite: Psychosocial (yeah, I do like some other songs too :P)

8. Between the Buried and Me
First Heard: Selkies: The Endless Obsession
Fell In Love With: Selkies: The Endless Obsession
All-Time Favorite: Selkies: The Endless Obsession
Current Favorite: White Walls

9. Nevermore
First Heard: Don't really know, possibly Born (The Retribution Of Spiritual Sickness)
Fell In Love With: Final Product
All-Time Favorite: Born (The Retribution Of Spiritual Sickness)
Current Favorite: The Psalm of Lydia

10. Avenged Sevenfold
First Heard: Chapter Four
Fell In Love With: Chapter Four
All-Time Favorite: Beast and the Harlot
Current Favorite: Haven't listened to them so much lately.


  • yenylinkera

    a mi igual me gusta avenged sevenfold y slipknot :D

    Out 21 2009, 2h40
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