10000+ tracks played! (another journal entry with ridiculously many connections!)


Nov 19 2005, 15h18

Right now my tracks played count 10025!
10025 tracks played since January 4th 2005.
10025 tracks in 319 days ~=31 tracks per day.
So, let's see what I have been listening to... and I also need to add I mostly listen to complete albums...

My top 20 artists are:

1. Ρόδες - 495 tracks
Ρόδες is a new group from Greece. They formed in 2004 from members of the greek hip-hop/low bap bands Active Member and Brigada together with the guitar player of the greek rock band Magic De Spell and their music is hip-hop with rock, folk, electronica and dub elements. Their debut album Στη γιορτή της φαντασίας, released March 2005, is probably the album I listened to the most these 319 days. Ρόδες has now become one of my favourite bands, certainly not number 1, but rightfully in the top 10!

2. Dream Theater - 373 tracks
Dream Theater, probably the greatest progressive metal band, is definitely one of my favourite bands. This year they released yet another great album, Octavarium, this and their previous one, Train of Thought are the ones I have been listening to the most, even though my favourite Dream Theater album is Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes From A Memory...

3. Porcupine Tree - 343 tracks
Porcupine Tree is imo one of the best progressive rock bands of today, even though I haven't listened to a lot of their earlier works their last 2 albums, In Absentia and Deadwing are really something exceptional! Deadwing, released March 2005, is the one I listened to the most this year.

4. Active Member - 327 tracks
Active Member is another greek hip-hop band I really like, actually I should say low bap band since this is the name they call their music. I can't say I listened to a particular Active Member album the most, probably their last release Blah-Blasphemy (released October 2005) which I acnnot say that was as good as their earlier works (from 1995 to 2001).

5. Pain of Salvation - 223 tracks
Pain of Salvation could be classified as the band I like the most, their progressive metal is really progressive and their concept albums masterpieces, oh and Daniel Gildenlöw is an incredible singer! Needless to say I listen to all of their albums equally...

6. Oceansize - 216 tracks
Oceansize is a band I only recently met and this journal entry explains a lot!

7. King Crimson - 213 tracks
King Crimson is imo the greatest progressive rock band of all times. I am trying to get all of their albums and doing so I am more and more understanding what a great band they are!

8. Tool - 196 tracks
Tool, I don't think I have a lot to say about them... just listen to Lateralus and Ænima...

9. The Mars Volta - 184 tracks
The Mars Volta is a band that suprised me in a good way with their debut album De-Loused in the Comatorium and their music that could be classified as emo/punk/jazz/experimental/prog-rock (!!!) and continued to blow my mind with their second album Frances the Mute!

10. System of a Down - 174 tracks
System of a Down is a band that puzzles me, one time I love them, next time I hate them, but the fact is that the more time goes by, the more I love them... Mezmerize is the album that helped!

11. Queens of the Stone Age - 161 tracks
Queens of the Stone Age is a band that woke from the ashes of the stoner rock legends Kyuss and they are on their way to become alternative rock legends! Even though imo their last album, Lullabies to Paralyze was not as good as the previous Songs for the Deaf I really like them!

12. The Tea Party - 149 tracks
The Tea Party is a band I only recently got to fully appreciate after a marathon The Tea Party listening session of all their albums in mp3s... the sad thing is that The Tea Party have now disbanded... really sad.

13. Incubus - 148 tracks
Incubus is one of my favourite bands and I tend to enjoy every album they have released and never get bored since they are very different.

14. Coldplay - 141 tracks
Coldplay is a band I liked from their first album, Parachutes and even though their last one, X&Y, wasn't that good, they still remain high in the "bands-I-want-to-see-live" list in my mind!

15. A Perfect Circle - 129 tracks
A Perfect Circle is not only the band of Maynard James Keenan, the great singer of Tool, but also a really good alternative rock band... nothing more left to say.

16. Opeth - 124 tracks
I hate growling and every other black or death metal vocal style, but after getting to know Opeth from their progressive rock album, Damnation, I was so impressed that I then started to appreciate their music and I now think that their last album Ghost Reveries is one of the best of this year!

17. Isis - 119 tracks
Well, Oceanic was good, but Panopticon is a really great album, their music is like a post-rock band playing metal! Post-metal?

18. Pink Floyd - 108 tracks
Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands of all time!

19. Kyuss - 106 tracks
As I said higher, a stoner rock legend...

20. The White Stripes - 104 tracks
The White Stripes is a band that disappointed me... after the great Elephant they released a difficult and imo weak album, Get Behind Me Satan...

Well, these were the bands I listened to the most these last 319 days while at the pc, and also the only bands from which I listened to more than 100 tracks each.


  • doctor-who

    wow, you spend a lot of time with your keyboard. and your music. Which i cant complain about, for that you win the silver medallion.

    Nov 21 2005, 11h09
  • thedaydreamer1

    huh, that's cool! (i guess...) But who's got the gold one?

    Nov 21 2005, 15h40
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