Dar Williams at Sheffield City Hall - 22/11/09


Nov 23 2009, 12h44

Sun 22 Nov – Dar Williams

I really didn't like the support act, Max Gilkes. Sorry, the lyrics were like bad emo poetry, the songs sounded quite same-y, and I didn't like his voice very much either. I went to the toilet and stood outside for a bit, after giving up on my project of reading quietly at the back of the room.

Still. Then there ice cream and a drink and then there was Dar Williams herself, and the evening became the best thing ever! It was quite amusing to see her come on stage and have to struggle with the microphone. Tiny people unite! <3

The venue was quite nice and small. Unlike the last time I saw Dar, she was just on her own with a guitar -- no band. I liked that, although my mum found it quite strange. I liked just having Dar there. I liked her chatter between songs and though the songs weren't all the ones I'd have most liked to hear her sing live, I don't dislike any of her songs and she picked good ones. She opened with Calling the Moon, and finished with The Babysitter's Here when she did the encore. I was a little sad she only sang one song for the encore, but. It was good to hear her sing Are You Out There and Spring Street, which are some of my favourite songs.

Basically, I loved it, yeah.

She came out afterwards, too. She was really friendly and signed stuff for me, and said she might come and play in Cardiff some day (good!). And when I get back to my flat and get my phone's cable, there's a photo of the two of us.

It struck me during the concert that if I were to sing a song like Are You Out There, it'd be her I was singing to -- "and though the static walls surround me/you were out there and you found me."


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