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Jun 29 2006, 0h56

Mmkay. Top 10, here goes.

1. Pinback
First song heard: Listened through clips of Summer in Abaddon. Probably Fortress first, as it's the top downloaded song.
Fell In Love With: non-photo blue and Fortress
Current Favorite: Offcell, or...Victorious D? (we breathe from the same MASK, not mouth. Oops)
All-time favourite Tracks : Loro, Penelope?
Song I don't like : Bloods on Fire, Syracuse, Soaked, but it's hard to dislike a song by them, since overall they're just so amazing.
Top played song: Loro
Best album: Pinback

2. Mogwai
First song heard: I Know You Are But What Am I?
Fell In Love With: I Know You Are But What Am I?
Current Favorites: Dial: Revenge, Friend of the Night
All-time favourite Tracks : I Know You Are But What Am I?, Auto Rock, Hunted by a Freak
Song I don't like : Too hard to choooose! There aren't any.
Top played song: Auto Rock
Best album: Mr. Beast, or Rock Action, or... ahh all of them!

3. Spoon
First song heard: The Way We Get By (although I never knew it was by Spoon)
Fell In Love With: I Summon You
Current Favorites: I Summon You, The Way We Get By, Something to Look Forward To.
All-time favourite Tracks : I Summon You. It's just amazing.
Song I don't like : None, really.
Top played song: I Summon You. Duh.

4. Belle & Sebastian
First song heard: The whole If You're Feeling Sinister CD... when I was really little.
Fell In Love With: Fox in the Snow
Current Favorites: Freak
All-time favourite Tracks : Step Into My Office, Baby.
Song I don't like : Hmm. None?
Top played song: Step Into My Office, Baby
Best album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress, and If You're Feeling Sinister

5. Deerhoof
First song heard: Chatterboxes
Fell In Love With: Chatterboxes
Current Favorites: Odyssey, Spirit Ditties Of No Tone
All-time favourite Tracks : Chatterboxes, Twin Killers, and Running Thoughts, since I got them like a month before the other stuff.
Song I don't like : Hmm. None?
Top played song: Chatterboxes

6. Autolux
First song heard: Here Comes Everybody
Fell in love with: Here Comes Everybody
Current favorite: Great Days for the Passenger Element, Capital Kind of Strain
All-time favorite track: Here Comes Everybody, Great Days for the Passenger Element (I got those two from iTunes first, then got the CD later)
Song I don't like: None...
Top played song: Great Days for the Passenger Element (hmm, surprising.)

7. Beck
First song heard: E-Pro
Fell in love with: E-Pro
Current favorite: Paper Tiger, Little One
All-time favorite track: [track artist=]E-Pro[/track], Girl
Song I don't like: Nicotine & Gravy, Ramshackle, Sing It Again, and a few more.
Top played song: E-Pro (third most-played song overall)
Best album: Guero

8. Elliott Smith
First song heard: Waltz No. 2 (xo)
Fell in love with: Waltz No. 2 (xo)
Current favorite: Twilight, Needle in the Hay
All-time favorite tracks: Waltz No. 2 (xo), Jealous Guy, 2:45 AM, Say Yes
Song I don't like: Good to Go, The White Lady Loves You More
Top played song: waltz no. 2
Best album: Either/Or

9. Sufjan Stevens
First song heard: Casimir Pulaski Day
Fell in love with: casimir pluaski day
Current favorite: Chicago
All-time favorite track: Casimir Pulaski Day
Song I don't like: Riffs and Variations on a Single Note for Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, and the King of Swing, to Name a Few
Top played song: casimir pluaski day

10. Radiohead
First song heard: No Surprises
Fell in love with: No Surprises
Current favorite: Talk Show Host, You and Whose Army
All-time favorite tracks: Karma Police
Song I don't like: A Wolf at the Door, and I admit there are a ton of Radiohead songs I haven't heard yet... oops.
Top played song: No Surprises

There you go. Yeah, I only did "best album" for certain artists, since... well some of them only have one that I own, or some I just don't know the individual CDs well enough. I'm working on it. And there are others I wanted to fit in here, but didn't have room! Sorry American Analog Set, Arcade Fire, and Libertines! They're in my top 13.
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  • batts-

    the way we get by is the first video by spoon i ever saw. it was also the first time i'd heard the song or even heard of them. it is my all time fav song(along with the second song i heard by them stop don't go), but i'm enjoying their gimme fiction cd greatly with i turn my camera on.

    Jun 29 2006, 7h20
  • rwilliamhunton

    sweet icon, katamari is cool.

    Jun 29 2006, 22h13
  • freedomfighter1

    Yay for Katamari! XD Oooh, how long did it take you to track all of the songs? Hah, I was too lazy. Nice, though. Good stuff.

    Jun 30 2006, 14h15
  • runoverbobby

    awww how can you not like Syracuse?? : ( that's probably in my top-10 Pinback songs

    Mar 18 2007, 8h37
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