Collecting Steve McQueen songs


Nov 11 2008, 18h53

Well, I don't know what makes the guy such a big reference point, but ain't it odd, that there are some many songs with "Steve McQueen" in the title? And that most I know are pretty good?

I really love

Doctors & Dealers - steve mcqueen (my label would be twee folk)

Lambchop - Steve McQueen (well, Lambchop style obviously)


Julian Velard - Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen is fairly good as well (hmmm, crooner songwriter?)

Sheryl Crow - Steve McQueen (TOP 40 pop) is not a big deal but I don't mind listening to it. And somewhere deep down i think, Quicksilver Messenger Service had a song by that name as well, gotta check that later.

If you got any idea why there is so much referencing or know other songs, just let me know (yeah i know, i could just search, but it's more fun that way!)


  • hdsander

    The Audreys - You & Steve McQueen :)

    Fev 16 2009, 11h58
  • Sitzriesens

    np: The Automatic - Steve McQueen from: "Steve McQueen"

    Fev 26 2009, 0h36
  • Cherry_Lane

    I've got an Evan Dando t-shirt saying "Steve McQueen is hip-hop", but don't think he mentions him in any of his songs. Damn.

    Mai 21 2010, 20h54
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