• Is it just me....

    Fev 21 2008, 1h08

    Or has been a bit sucky lately? Streaming has been breaking up on me, and it claims there's no more material for artists similar to Megaherz.


    Guess I'll use Pandora for a while and check back later.
  • Say what?

    Out 29 2007, 0h10

    Okay, this is just bizarre. I know the tags on this file are correct (I just let WinAmp auto-tag it) but the client is claiming Sorten Muld recorded "Cry Little Sister"....

    Does this sort of thing happen often?
  • Everything comes with a journal these days!

    Set 30 2007, 23h13

    Wow, I think this makes my seventh journal, excluding roleplaying journals. I suspect it will be like my deviantART journal, updated about once a year.