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  • eekpigeon

    wow, this is quite the analysis. i was told to party with you. i joined yesterday, last year. best.

    Ago 19 2005, 5h00
  • tendril

    Wow, we joined the same day. Happy anniversary to you too!

    Ago 19 2005, 23h37
  • Woodawgy

    Hey tendril. Cyberwoo from lcvg. Happy belated anniversary. I see has chosen you as one of my neighbors based on my recent listening habits. :) I rediscovered Audioscrobbler recently after seeing they revamped the website. I'm back into it in a big way. When I'm not listening to my own tunes I love using the create a station by typing in some of my favorite artists for a particular genre and letting the player seek out tunes for me. Good way to find similar stuff that I might not have heard otherwise. I've been mainly into ambient music lately with a mixture of down tempo/trip hop/chillout/lounge/progressive trance/breaks tunes tossed in for good measure.

    Ago 23 2005, 4h04
  • mutefm

    Hey ! nice to see a 604-peep here ! ;)

    Ago 23 2005, 13h13
  • tendril

    Cyberwoo, good to see you here. I'm liking the new features here. Although the radio stuff isn't ready for the Mac yet, so I'm just looking for now. You're not in my neighbor list, I notice that happens a lot, must be that a good percentage of what you listen to overlaps with mine, but my stuff doesn't overlap with yours as much (percentage-wise). It's kind of non-intuitive, but make sense in a statistical way.

    Ago 23 2005, 18h56
  • tendril

    Mutefm, I'm a 604 person from way back. I was on the 604 list for about 6 years, starting back when it was the GOA list. Finally unsubbed about 8 months ago because I just wasn't into the scene any longer. I sure enjoyed it while I was though. Made a lot of friends and had some amazing experiences that I cherish.

    Ago 23 2005, 19h01
  • Liquidtrance

    haha wow you dont listen to a lot of music :P ive been here for like iunno 9 months im almost double your total :P

    Nov 2 2005, 16h09
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