• Gogol Bordello and Man Man at Terminal 5 - 1/1

    Jan 13 2011, 2h28

    Sat 1 Jan – Gogol Bordello, Man Man

    I'm fairly certain there's been about a million internet reviews for live Gogol shows, but I'd feel like a failure if I didn't keep up reviews for the shows that I've gone to.

    Like many other critics and avid fans I thought that Gogol put on an incredible performance. I think the best moment for me was being able to actually see Eugene Hutz in person - it was almost like a celebrity encounter. I didn't know all of the songs that they played, considering I've mostly listened to Gypsy Punks, but it was still a really enjoyable show - despite the fact that I'd gotten sick that same morning and unfortunately began to feel it when I got there. I made myself get up and dance for 'Not a Crime' (fav!) and 'Start Wearing Purple.' They also did a really awesome cover of 'Girl' by The Beatles, which I'd never heard before.

    I can sometimes get a little annoyed at opening bands, but Man Man was really fun. I got their album as soon as I got home, although I haven't gotten a chance to absorb the whole thing yet.

    I definitely plan on seeing them again though, and in significantly better spirits.
  • Mumford & Sons, King Charles and Cadillac Sky at the Electric Factory - 11/9

    Nov 10 2010, 22h18

    Tue 9 Nov – Mumford & Sons, King Charles, Cadillac Sky

    This was my second time at the Electric Factory but my first time seeing Mumford & Sons. I'd been looking forward to this show since I bought the tickets in August and having seen the show last night I can confidently say that the excitement was completely justified.

    This was one of the most incredible shows that I have ever seen. I really enjoyed both of the opening acts, but when Mumford came on I completely lost my mind. They performed with such intensity, just like I expected them to, and by the time the show was over my heart felt so full.

    There's no doubt in my mind about whether or not I'll be seeing these guys again. Incredible.
  • Modest Mouse and Marcellus Hall at Williamsburg Waterfront - 9/14

    Set 15 2010, 14h40

    I didn't go to the first show that was canceled, but I was able to get another ticket from someone that wasn't going to be able to go. Really happy I got to go because it was an amazing show. I wasn't really paying much attention to the first band, but they were okay from what I heard.

    Modest Mouse was incredible. Even better live than listening to their recordings - if that's possible. The guitar/banjo playing and singing was intense and beautiful and I would love to see them again at some point. Lovely venue, fantastic show.
  • The Black Keys and The Morning Benders at SummerStage - 7/28

    Jul 29 2010, 14h20

    I'd never been to SummerStage until last night and I really liked it a lot. My friends and I sat in the bleachers relaxing and listening to The Morning Benders open after walking through the city in the heat forever. They were really great, and everything that I'd hoped they would be. They played 'Excuses' last and it made their set perfect.

    We moved into the big sweaty crowd when The Black Keys were about to go on, and even though not as many people danced as I would have expected, or liked, my friend and I did, and how could we not? They opened with the 'Breaks' from 'The Big Come Up' which is my favorite song, and it was completely unexpected. They played all of my favorites extremely well and even though I couldn't see them much throughout the show, I really felt the music and had an amazing time. Would love to see them again.
  • Yes and Peter Frampton at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - 6/18

    Jul 4 2010, 13h31

    I tend to take a risk when I go see older bands. It's not because I don't like the music, or know any of their songs, it's just because they don't always play the music that I know or have listened to the most. I've listened to Yes my entire life, because my mom's a fan, but the album that I gravitated towards most of the time has been Fragile. Now, the only song they played off of that album was Roundabout - which was amazing, don't get me wrong, I would gladly go to an entire show of unfamiliar Yes songs to sit through a few minutes of Roundabout. So, even though I didn't know every single song by heart, they put on a fantastic show and it was awesome to watch Steve Howe play the guitar.

    Peter Frampton was fun except I wish that he hadn't been on as long as he was. Yes songs are notoriously long, and epic, and there should have been as much time for them to perform as possible.

    All in all, a good show where I got to see the original Woodstock site for the first time.
  • The Avett Brothers and The Low Anthem at the State Theatre - 2/26

    Fev 27 2010, 14h47

    Fri 26 Feb – The Avett Brothers, The Low Anthem

    Despite having gotten a bit sick and feverish half-way through, the show was amazing. I stuck it out to the end just because I drove 3 hours and walked through snow to see them; also they fucking rocked and I couldn't tear myself away that easily. Their energy was perfect, they hopped around on stage and interacted with the audience. Speaking of the audience, such a wide range of people and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. I would definitely love to see them again and in better circumstances (as far as my health goes) although an outdoor folk festival in the summer would also be ideal.
  • Pixies and Rain Machine at the Hammerstein Ballroom - 11/25

    Nov 28 2009, 4h01

    Wed 25 Nov – Pixies, Rain Machine

    I've always liked the Pixies, but not as much as my friend who I went with - who's been listening to them forever. Her excitement for being there was infectious, and when the Dali film began (which was fucking ingenious) I became just as excited as she was. They put on an amazing show, plus they were all adorable, which always helps. I was up on the balcony but I still danced through the whole thing, even though I was afraid I was going to plummet to my death if I danced a little too hard. Great encores, ended with 'Vamos,' perfect conclusion to the show.

    On a side note, also really enjoyed Rain Machine. Loved his voice, planning on getting some of his stuff.
  • Andrew Bird and St. Vincent at the Electric Factory - 10/25

    Out 26 2009, 17h00

    Sun 25 Oct – Andrew Bird, St. Vincent

    There are absolutely no words available in the English language to describe how incredible this show was. St. Vincent was very intense - all of their songs were extremely complex and every note caused my whole body to vibrate. Their set got me pretty pumped for Andrew Bird, who I will not even insult by using words to describe his performance. I met him after the show with maybe 5 other people who also waited, he was very quiet and obviously tired, but he shook my hand and signed my shirt. Definitely one of the best shows that I've ever seen.