Is this Georgia heat playin' tricks on me?


Out 30 2006, 3h42

Or... yeah, I've got nothing.

Except that Good Directions by Billy Currington is one of the best songs of the year. And it was just released all of about a week ago!

Speaking of which, I'm already compiling my favorite songs of 2006 list, so look for that around mid-December/early-January-ish. 'Cause that's about when the year ends. :P

Anyway, just had to share my love for Good Directions and turnip greens. And sweet tea. And... everything else in the song. 'Cept I actually don't like turnip greens.

Though where I ate lunch today (and most every Sunday...) they had them. Ew.


  • Alhutch

    its a great song! i didn't even realize it was that old

    Ago 28 2007, 20h54
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