A-Z Albums I Think You Should Own!


Jul 7 2008, 3h36


  • _CondoM_

    Pretty good list.... Except for maybe Afu-Ra. That guy was a special type of garbage. The production was dope but that dude couldn't rap to save his life.

    Jul 7 2008, 14h30
  • Escobar_

    I have 17 albums from your list.

    Jul 7 2008, 19h09
  • Dante_tha_don

    not bad list

    Jul 9 2008, 20h01
  • Ebizonics

    thanks for the list, i think i downloaded most everything from it

    Jul 16 2008, 22h23
  • purpleparachute

    good list, but why no Masta Ace? I mean you've got eMC so surely Masta deserves to be on this list ;) and then De La Soul, Atmosphere (When Life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold!!) and Looptroop maybe?

    Jul 26 2008, 11h12
  • johndbs

    good list there is only a few i havent checked out

    Jul 28 2008, 21h37
  • virus_bomb

    what about rakim's the 18th letter? i love that album

    Jul 30 2008, 0h44
  • oki-G

    good list but i think teknology should'nt really make that list and no MF DOOM whats that about????

    Ago 14 2008, 19h16
  • In_Consonance

    i got ten of those!!

    Ago 23 2008, 7h56
  • scullygangles

    Very good, i think it needs some doom adn De la Soul, and maybe Atmosphere or Dre

    Out 2 2008, 19h08
  • sadek89

    Method Man - Tical?

    Out 12 2008, 10h12
  • bazii

    I think I have all of them except a 2-3... good stuff, missing lots but then again no list can be perfect, too much opinion involved :D

    Fev 24 2009, 3h39
  • Habibulyah

    Haven't heard of some of these guys: DL Incognito, eMC, Louis Logic, Percee P, Y Society. Are they really worth looking for?

    Mar 5 2009, 18h06
  • raffaello187

    haha i have 33 of them.. btw i don't think Louis Logic or Outerspace are on this level.

    Abr 13 2009, 5h29
  • Casper_bg

    How about Goodfellas and Hard to earn?

    Set 4 2009, 20h07
  • emc2691

    deck's uncontrolled substance wasn't all that great, i think he performs better on other people's songs or in the group's albums. i would've picked cube's death certificate for 'I', but otherwise nice list.

    Set 9 2009, 15h46
  • TheAbbott

    I have heard 42 of them, I like 40.Very good list overall, but I would show much more love to 93, 94, 95 and 96 rather than nearly any new school album.

    Out 9 2009, 7h15
  • bbttss

    dr. dre - the chronic nad o.c - word life!

    Mar 28 2010, 21h01
  • timberry123

    22 of those albums I have, have a few tracks from others, gonna fully download tha rest. Props! Good list, could have been bigger though but I'm not complaining..

    Abr 12 2010, 19h56
  • diamondringz

    really good taste..

    Out 20 2010, 22h06
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