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People who use scrobblers from the Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler Suite of Greasemonkey userscripts.

This is a forum for people who use scrobblers from the Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler Suite.

Here are the Scrobblers' download pages:

How to enable scrobbling (applies to all GGS scripts) (originally addressed to PaulFia):
If everything's working right (e.g., Greasemonkey and the script are both enabled), you should see two new buttons or links in the player. One of the buttons should say "Enable Support." It might initially say "Waiting for Token...," but it should say "Enable Support" after some time. Anyway, click that button when it says "Enable Support" and you should get a pop-up window with asking for authentication. Just click the allow access button or whatever it's called, and after the script detects that you've clicked the button, you should be all set.

Installing Scrobblers to Opera (originally addressed to GaryExo):
The first two steps (1 and 2) are not required for Opera 12+. See additional steps, below, for installation steps.
You just need three other scripts to go along with it. Here's the basic procedure:
  1. Download the following scripts into your userscripts directory.
    Please note that the first two links are links to download pages and are not the scripts themselves (simply right-clicking and clicking "save linked content as" will not do)
  2. Modify aagmfunctions.js. On line 234: Change
    var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
    var xmlhttp = new opera.XMLHttpRequest();
  3. Download Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler to your userscripts folder
  4. Enjoy!

Additional Steps for Installing Soundcloud Scrobbler on Opera (retrieved from on Aug 12, 2011)
1. Go to Opera preferences -> Advanced -> Downloads.
2. Press Add button (if you haven’t added content type “application/json” previously. Otherwise just edit it and go to item 4).
3. Enter MIME type “application/json” (without quotes) and file extension “json” (also without quotes).
4. Select action “Open with Opera”.
5. Press Ok buttons to apply your changes.





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  • atommalac

    Sorry I forgot to come back here and post my fix for "Stopped/Paused" for the bandcamp scrobbler: edit the script, after line 524 add this: if(location.href.indexOf("bandcamp") == -1) { return; } (IMPORTANT: this means scrobbling from embed players WILL NOT WORK AT ALL, so only use if you don't care about embed plays, only for the domain!)

    02月 13日 20:24 返信
  • sadandboring

    Спасибо, спасибо, спасибо. Прекрасно работает.

    2014年 12月 21日 返信
  • Isenah

    +1 for Stopped/Paused on github :D

    2014年 11月 28日 返信
  • Quezak

    The site detection should be a bit better, to avoid "Stopped/Paused" title on random sites (ie. github in my case). Also, on *some* of my computers I have infinite "Waiting for Token...". Tried disabling adblock, reinstallig script, etc, but without success. Any ideas how to further diagnose this problem?

    2014年 11月 20日 返信
  • evfg

    atommalac, oh, so that's why! I thought it was some firefox plugin like noscript or etc. Yep, I have this problem too. Also infinite "Waiting for Token...".

    2014年 10月 18日 返信
  • TheArtistBox

    thats just the tab changing it will scrobble normal

    2014年 10月 8日 返信
  • atommalac

    I'm using firefox with the bandcamp scrobbler, and it randomly renames the titles of non-bandcamp tabs to "Stopped/Paused", and it's getting really annoying. Does this happen for anyone else? Anyone knows a fix? Please?

    2014年 09月 16日 返信
  • ZZZZZZ7_ The bandcamp script is working fine; asked me for approval and all, the tracks are scrobbling. Now, the SoundCloud script didn't ask for approval on, although Greasemonkey indicated it was sucessfully installed; it isn't working... How are the buttons for SC (where are they placed)? I don't see any in the player or anywhere, and the tracks aren't in my profile. [ Side note: I used Scriptish before and the BC script was sucessfully installed but the button (I mean, link!) keeps saying "Waiting for token..." so it doesn't scrobble, and the SC script couldn't be installed at all (via 'Install' button on userscripts-mirror, neither via 'Install from file'). ]

    2014年 09月 8日 返信
  • BlindSlaves

    Also mirrored here:

    2014年 08月 9日 返信
  • delanthear

    Script is cached here:

    2014年 07月 30日 返信
  • little_raven

    still down, any clues? can anybody upload it to, let's say, mediafire?

    2014年 07月 11日 返信
  • der_pelz is working for me

    2014年 05月 30日 返信
  • der_pelz

    Still down

    2014年 05月 30日 返信
  • evfg is down.

    2014年 05月 26日 返信
  • jannushka

    On bandcamp, it doesn't seem to be working with compilation albums, otherwise it works fine.

    2013年 12月 9日 返信
  • S0m3guy555

    Can someone help me here? I don't see any new buttons after I installed the Groovin Greasy Scrobbler Script in Greasemonkey FF :/

    2013年 10月 6日 返信
  • dadababa

    scrobbling not working properly while playing Compilations and Splits. when playing, greasemonkey script doesn't recognize the artist name from track title - it gives artist name badly (as the Compilation or Split title) and after comes the track name with Artist name and track title together. like that there will be again more and more useless profile pages. PLEASE FIX!

    2013年 10月 3日 返信
  • freakystyle

    just installed this, works fine, but the tracks only appear as 'now playing' and don't get scrobbled properly. Is this a known problem? I use Chrome + Tampermonkey + bandcamp

    2013年 09月 2日 返信
  • PaveThePAHA

    At least for me, with the newest Firefox, Bandcamp script plays well (aside the wordaround I need to "skip" to the begining of the albums). But the Soundcloud version hasn't been working for past few versions of Firefox...

    2013年 08月 19日 返信
  • mot00rzysta

    same here, FF22 killed the scrobbler....again ?

    2013年 08月 15日 返信
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