Jan 18 2006, 11h34

Well, just found this place by mistake (found out that we're running this at work after searching for the company name in Google), and it looks pretty cool.

Right, some music related stuff.

Check out - customisable Flash based radio station. Pretty great for discovering new music, as I'm sure is too!

I recently bought James Blunt's album Back to Bedlam, after hearing You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover and deciding I liked them. I get the feeling he's one of those people that all the girls like, so I'm wondering if there's any other guys out there that actually like his songs. Any one?

Hmm...oh, it said something about writing what concerts you're going to. I'm going to see U2 in Sydney at the end of March! Should be a lot of fun. I didn't have to line up for tickets either - some nice friends purchased them on my behalf. :)

I seriously don't think I could blog much about music related stuff here. But I think it helps having a "topic" of some sorts - I don't write in my own blog as much as I'd like to. Oh well...

That's it for now.


  • lurifaks

    I like James Blunt too! He is one of those singer/songwriters who have been lucky and get a contract at a studio! And he deserves it!

    Jan 18 2006, 12h14
  • Herlow

    I don't like James Blunt, sorry. But U2 is good, I spent an entire day waiting outsde their concert at ullevi in sweden (summer 2005 city of gothenburg). u2 is definetly a good liveband, hope you have fun!

    Jan 18 2006, 13h02
  • Daedalus-

    James Blunt is a nice guy, I like his music, definately.

    Jan 19 2006, 1h31
  • Herlow

    Why James Blunt? He's like many other singer/songwriters just putting silly rhimes on eachother and calling that lyrics. And what he puts below that is simply crap music, to me there is no life in the music, it's all plastic.

    Jan 19 2006, 22h02
  • Daedalus-

    He's like many other singer/songwriters just putting silly rhimes on eachother and calling that lyrics Call me crazy, but is that not what lyrics *are*? People that say music is this and not that are very short sighted in my view.

    Jan 21 2006, 4h12
  • Herlow

    I can't find any sign of reality or life in his lyrics.

    Jan 21 2006, 10h29
  • Daedalus-

    But you don't need reality to make good music. You could hardly call I am the Walrus by the Beatles reality, and yet who is going to say the Beatles are terrible lyricists?

    Jan 21 2006, 11h50
  • Herlow

    music is supposed to mean something to the listener, as i find James Blunt rather boring as a musician and a lyricist, i don't like him. everybody doesn't like everything

    Jan 21 2006, 12h51
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