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Mar 12 2006, 5h09

every night i put a playlist on repeat as i go to sleep. this playlist features my favorite songs at the moment; why else would i listen to it on repeat all night? why the hell would i put shitty songs on a playlist i'm planning on listening to for ages?? that'd be fucking stupid.

here's what's on it tonight:

Another Lonely Day has been on the playlist for fucking ages, with a total of 176 plays as of right now, making it my most played track ever on my computer.

Banquet is a song that i was really into a while ago, but i just now added to the playlist for old times' sake. 29 plays so far.

Devil in the Details isn't really an amazing song, but i just like something about it, and it's an easy going track, so i put it on the playlist. 28 plays so far.

The Willing Well III - Apollo II: The Telling Truth is by far the best song on the new Coheed and Cambria album. i go thru these little phases where i'll listen to nothing but coheed, then not very much at all, then nothing but them. it's weird, but now i'm into them so this is on there. 51 plays so far.

GO! is kickass. Common is one of the few good rappers these days. needs to be appreciated more. 38 plays.

Revealing Too Much is one of the many songs that i was introduced to by my girlfriend. i owe her so much. 66 plays.

Hide And Seek is one of the most beautiful songs ever made, which is why it's on the playlist twice. 101 plays.

Such great heights is a classic fav of mine and i've been in the mood for it lately. best cover ever.

sometimes i'll throw an entire album into the playlist, depending on my mood. tonight i've put S&M (disc 2) on there, since i'm craving orchestral stuff.

Hey There Delilah is also good enough to be onthere twice.

No It Isn't has been on here for quite a while.

The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes: i always have a SMZ track on here.

President (Acoustic)- when has an acoustic version not been better?

now you have successfullly wasted your time reading about what i'm about to go listen to. congrats.

and goodnight,


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