• Contest: Create a design and win a THREE months subscription!

    Jan 17 2012, 17h49

    Hi everyone,
    if I visit, it sometimes does not look not as warm and welcoming to me as I wish to. So, here's another contest:

    The prize:
    3 months free subscription for the winner.

    The task:

    Use your favourite graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or even mspain(t) to create a new, fresh design for

    Create three template files:
    • One for creating a station
      • The user should be able to add items
      • and see which items he already added to the new station
      • There should be sliders for station options and a play button

    • One welcome page for new users (be creative!)
    • One with a sub-navigation

    If you need the logo file, you can download it here (right click the link, then select "Save file as"). You can modify it as you like.

    Submission: Please post your submission in the forum

    Important things:
    - Either the 960 grid system(templates at and jQuery UI for graphics components OR twitter bootstrap ( with a 940 px container will be used for the next design. You may choose one as you like to :)
    - The menu bar should - preferably - be on top
    - Make it look nice, friendly and clean
    - The logo can be modified
    - It should look Web-2.0-ish
    - is open source and basically everything graphically which I did myself is - at least - licensed as Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike :) So some license that fits to that would be really nice ;)

    The legal stuff: I choose who wins, with the help of other users. The Legal recourse is excluded. This contest is NOT by itself.
  • Contest: Describe and win 1 month subscriber

    Jan 17 2012, 17h20

    Hi everyone,
    to me it is quite clear what is.
    But: What is for you? How would you describe it?

    I always have some difficulty explaining the purpose of to new users, so I thought I'd do a contest. Often people think it's a separate service in competition with, rather than understand that it should help users get more out of radios.

    The prize:
    1 month free subscription for the winner.

    The task:

    Imagine a normal user, let's call him John, who has scrobbled over a thousand tracks and listened to the radio from time to time.
    Now you discovered a while ago and have got to know it a bit.
    Your task is to describe to John - so he starts using it :)

    The contest ends on 2012-02-29 (29th February 2012).

    Post your ideas texts as comments here and win :)

    The legal stuff: I choose who wins, with the help of other users. The Legal recourse is excluded. I may put the winning text on the homepage (with attribution if you wish). This contest is NOT by itself.
  • API changes via Articles RSS/New Web Services from June to November 2010

    Nov 7 2010, 20h46

    Hello everybody,
    I a a real friend of RSS and of's Web Services. Because you can subscribe to the Web Services articles very easily, I'll try to keep you updated on various things regarding the API by a few articles from time to time. This will mainly be about updates on new services or tinier changes, but I can figure out the one or another FAQ will be helpful, too.
    If you have anything interesting to share about the web services, either just let me know via PM or feel free to write a journal yourself. Please keep in mind I'm not a staff member, so this is mainly "from users, to users" :)

    In this article I want to start with the most recent changes from June to September 2010. (I will mostly copy and paste descriptions from dunk , so thanks to him in advance.)


    Much like the other top tags services, this one returns the top tags for a particular album. This makes the API slightly more symmetric.


    Lets you look up metadata associated with fingerprints generated by the fingerprinter. For more info see the blog post at

    November 2010
    unban/unlove calls, user.getBannedTracks
    Track.unban - unban a track for a user
    Track.unlove - unlove a track for a user
    User.getBannedTracks - retrieve all the user's banned tracks. Just the contrary to getLovedTracks :)

    Album and Track.getShouts
    Album.getShouts - get all the shouts for the album
    Track.getShouts - get all the shouts for the track

    Getting tag information
    Tag.getInfo - get information about a specific tag. Allows easy access to reach, listens and the wiki text.

    Correction services
    Correction services are now exposed through the API. Please do not confuse that with something like Google Suggest. Most corrections are quite trivial, like for Simon And Garfunkel->Simon & Garfunkel.

    Artist.getCorrection - Gets the corrected artist name
    Track.getCorrection Gets the corrected artist and track name(Example: Simon And Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa. Please not that, as for 7 Nov 2010, the "track" parameter is missing in the api documentation.

    The services below have an autocorrect parameter. If you want to enable autocorrection, set it to 1.

    Correction services for the below services are:
    - Artist correction for the artist and the album package. No Album name correction is made at the moment
    - Artist and track name correction for the track package

    Artist Package:
    artist.getSimilar, artist.getShouts, artist.getPodcast, artist.getImageRedirect, artist.getPastEvents, artist.getTags, artist.getEvents, artist.getImages, artist.getTopAlbums, artist.getTopFans, artist.getTopTracks, artist.getTopTags, artist.getInfo, artist.getGroups

    Album package:
    album.getInfo, album.getTags, album.getBuylinks, album.getTopTags, album.getImageRedirect, album.getShouts

    Track package:
    track.getInfo, track.getTags, track.getBuylinks, track.getSimilar, track.getTopFans, track.getTopTags, track.getShouts

    I hope you will subscribe to groups the RSS feed :) This way I'll try to feed you with the most recent stuff which already might have vanished in the depths of the forum ;)

    If you are more interested in the Web Services, Java and/or linux, you can also take a look at by blog, which can be found at You might e.g. be interested in combo stations and or the new Client :) Just have a look there, I don't blog often, but therefore only about interesting and useful stuff....

  • Have fun with version

    Nov 1 2008, 12h47

    I thought I can make a large version jump, as now all api 2.0 requests seem to be bug free.

    The umlauts bug was fixe, there are many cool managers as you might know and much cool stuff was added :)
  • LastFmLib is out, now scrobbling works!

    Mai 18 2008, 11h33

    the new version of LastFmLib.Net contains the following changes:
    * Scrobbler is now tested so far, function is confirmed for Source=L(Software)
    * Put an IClonable into Track, TrackInfo and MetaData
    - Fixed Scrobbler handshake, now REALLY works(some source code line was missing) *ooops*
    - Added ToXMLElement() to Station class
    - Now LastFmClient class checks if the user is tuned in before getting the playlist

    In ScrobblerCache:
    - Changed ScrobblerCache the way that data are saved to an XmlDocument object by default,
    which can be gotten by the xmldoc property
    - ScrobbleCache is 100% compatible to's client caches, but the submissions also contain an
    attribute containing the username(thought that was useful)
    - now got an AutoSave-property which makes it automatically writing the cache to the path in SavePath
    property if set to true
    - write method now contains optional autoWrite parameter, which automatically saves the cache to disk
    - concated AutoSave property and autoWrite param with "or" so contents are written if one of these is
    set to true
  • is out

    Mar 9 2008, 20h04 is out^^
    And a version which is a huge bit newer is available on SVN^^
  • Version released

    Fev 22 2008, 21h13

    I released version Now there are summarys and a documentation file is available on
  • LastFmLib released

    Fev 19 2008, 19h10

    The first release, with and without source code can be found on sourceforge.
  • Erster Eintrag

    Out 20 2007, 23h27

    Ich habe einen sehr durchmischten Musikgeschmack, ich höre alles außer Hip Hop, aber hauptsächlich Rock & Pop(Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler,...) und ein wenig Indie, aber auch Trance, House(Scooter)...