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  • rockkiller124

    Ello there

    16 Jul 8h42 Responder
  • introvertical

    I highly recommend this band called Lazer/Wulf. I saw them play the other night and they killed it. They really deserve the support.

    11 Mai 1h41 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Nice. There wasn't much that caught my eye but I gotta take a look at the list again. Nice cops, my last buys were strangely both compilations of two different albums: One with two early Converge albums and the The Powers That B by Death Grips which is the album they dropped last june and the new one. Good shit.

    17 Abr 1h03 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Agreed. They did reunite recently to play Metal/Hardcore fest with BTBAM so maybe new stuff isn't too far away from being real. Yes, it's safe to say that I do collect vinyl haha. I've been slowing down lately because money but it's still one of my biggest hobbies to collect and listen to records. What's in your collection so far? I think record store day is coming up actually.

    16 Abr 18h28 Responder
  • introvertical

    Sounds fun, so what if it isn't heavy? Good music is good music right? And you're spot on about the influence Obscura has had on death metal. Speaking of Portal, they're probably one of the very few bands that's actually made me feel uncomfortable the first time I heard them haha. The music video for "Curtain" has to be the bleakest and most evil thing I've ever seen. I haven't scrobbled that band yet, but maybe I will when I'm in an ultra heavy/Gorguts type of mood.

    16 Abr 8h11 Responder
  • introvertical

    Nice! I'm doing well, I just moved to a new state so hopefully I'll get to go to more gigs! Do you get to go to them often? And I'll have to give those albums a listen sometime. I've heard Yank Crime but it was quite some time ago and I don't remember it much. Obscura is phenomenal, really unique for the death metal genre, not to mention it being super technical and sort of bizarre. I've been meaning to snag a copy of it on vinyl, hopefully it hasn't sold out online.

    15 Abr 1h32 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Wait nevermind they are in your charts. Haha

    14 Abr 15h53 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Thanks! I'll get on that soon. Do you fuck with The Red Chord? They seem really up your alley but I don't see them in your charts. You should check out Clients, it's a little like BDM meets Animosity with some TDEP and Pig Destroyer moments here and there. Good shit.

    14 Abr 15h52 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Ha, my pleasure. Orchid is amazing, yeah. Hey, how can I get into Decapitated? Never actually heard an album by them.

    11 Abr 7h15 Responder
  • introvertical

    How's it going dude? Nice album chart btw, you have tons of good stuff. I've been meaning to listen to those Wire and Drive Like Jehu albums.

    10 Abr 3h24 Responder
  • antiperiodic

    Hey, thanks for the add. Nice taste.

    8 Abr 23h33 Responder
  • GodofDeathMetal

    I'm listening to the new Decapitated album. It's not their best material ever, but I like it more than Carnival is Forever.

    6 Jan 3h07 Responder
  • WarDecoyII

    Thanks for accepting, nice library too.

    21 Dez 2014 Responder
  • GodofDeathMetal

    That's too bad. I'll have to listen to it myself. Who knows, I may like it.

    16 Dez 2014 Responder
  • GodofDeathMetal

    Is the new Decapitated album any good? I have it, but I'm hesitant to listen to it. I heard it's not.

    11 Dez 2014 Responder
  • illninoese

    Thanks man! I see a lot of diversity on this page which seems to be rare for a lot of the metalheads on this website and in general, so props to you!!! I was reading through your shoutbox and I completely agree with introvertical's comments on NIN except for one thing, Hesistation Marks. Listen to PHM then TDS then WT then HS and you'll see a streamlined version of how NIN's sound has grown into what it is today. ALSO, How To Destroy Angels is Trent's side project with his wife and Atticus Ross. That's a little bit more on the chill side but I love the shit out of it anyways. Cheers!

    7 Dez 2014 Responder
  • introvertical

    The Satanist is a great record, I really need to revisit it sometime. I never got too crazy about their other work, but I feel like they reinvented themselves with that one, and managed to keep their blackened death metal style sounding fresh. Also saw you were listening to Colored Sands, I really dig that one although it took me awhile to get into, because of how lengthy and complex it is.

    22 Nov 2014 Responder
  • introvertical

    As far as NIN goes, it really depends on what you're looking for and how well you know them. If you want more stuff similar to TDS, I would suggest listening to The Fragile, but it's kinda lengthy (its a double album). Pretty Hate Machine is my second favorite (after TDS), that one has a really strong 80s synth pop vibe, tons of great hooks (tracks like Head Like a Hole, Terrible Lie, Down in It). With Teeth is probably NIN's most accessible and easy to get into, kinda stripped down and less crazy with a lot of softer tracks (except for You Know What You Are, that one's kinda fast haha). As for their other albums I would recommend waiting until you've heard the ones I mentioned first.

    22 Nov 2014 Responder
  • introvertical

    Some artists I've been digging lately include Have a Nice Life, Swans, Kayo Dot, Chelsea Wolfe, and Deathspell Omega. Also I've been listening to Dopethrone by Electric Wizard (which is one of my favorite albums) a lot lately. Unfortunately that is the only album of their's that I enjoy.

    21 Nov 2014 Responder
  • introvertical

    There are only two really good tracks imo on Hesitation Marks and they were both singles (Copy of A, Came Back Haunted). Both were really strong tracks that gave me high hopes for the album, but I was completely let down. It just felt totally uninspired and forgettable, not to mention the production was lacking that raw, gritty feeling that we all love about NIN. Of course you should probably form your own opinion on it, this is just mine. And yeah Ox has some really cool parts and the production is pretty strange, just sounds kinda flat sometimes. As for the Sean Ingram appearance he's on the track Pelican of the Desert off ETID's latest album. Do you like that band at all?

    21 Nov 2014 Responder
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I love metal (NO WAY, REALLY?!) and I'll be your friend if we have compatible music, I like your logo's on the side of your page or I know you personally :)
On another note, people who use the term 'Mallcore' STOP, you sound like pricks.

Now go listen to great music!!

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