2009 Top 100 Artists


Dez 31 2009, 14h46

My Top 100 most played artists of 2009 based on Last.fm statistics

No. 97 - 9 Plays




Céline Dion

Anna Tatangelo

Vegastar Featuring Neva

Lady GaGa Featuring Beyoncé

Simple Plan

Paola & Chiara

Mariah Carey



Natasha Bedingfield

No. 78 - 10 Plays

David Bustamante



Mulan Jameela Featuring Mitha


Ana Johnsson

The Rasmus


Mikelangelo Loconte & Florent Mothe


Danielle Bollinger

Quentin Mosimann


Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O'Donis

Nelly Furtado


Ricky Martin

Hanna Pakarinen

Daniel Bedingfield

No. 69 - 11 Plays

Within Temptation


Красимир Аврамов


Eiffel 65

Charlotte Perrelli



Paulina Rubio

No. 64 - 12 Plays

Grégory Lemarchal

Jestie Alexius



Alexander Rybak

No. 60 - 13 Plays


De Palmas

Dana International

Savage Garden

No. 57 - 14 Plays

Linda Nanuwil


Marco Carta

No. 56 - 15 Plays

Dee Dee Featuring Mike Nero

No. 54 - 16 Plays

Nâdiya & Enrique Iglesias

Daft Punk

No. 52 - 18 Plays

Ocean Drive feat. DJ Oriska

Κώστας Μαρτάκης

No. 47 - 19 Plays

Nek & Laura Pausini

Nolwenn Leroy

Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara


Ada Band

No. 45 - 20 Plays



No. 43 - 21 Plays

Michael Jackson

Dash Berlin

No. 41 - 22 Plays

Marion Raven

David Archuleta

No. 38 - 24 Plays




No. 37 - 25 Plays


No. 35 - 26 Plays


Nâdiya & Kelly Rowland

No. 32 - 27 Plays


Enrique Iglesias

Silly Fools

No. 31 - 28 Plays

Emmanuel Moire

No. 29 - 29 Plays



No. 28 - 30 Plays


No. 27 - 34 Plays


No. 26 - 35 Plays

Najoua Belyzel

No. 24 - 36 Plays

Mariana Ochoa


No. 22 - 38 Plays

Groove Coverage


The Top 20

No. 20 - 39 Plays

Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel

Dutch DJ, voted best DJ my DJ Mag - Armin van Buuren and Sharon den Adel, vocalist of Within Temptation, a dutch symphonic metal band makes an awesome pair here. The track In And Out Of Love is one of my favourite trance single!

Britney Spears

One of the artists i grew up listening to. She was good in the beginning, going down in the middle and now, she's becoming better yet again, but she's a little inconsistent. Circus has a few good songs in it.

No. 19 - 41 Plays


Iceland's Eurovision representatives, Friðrik Ómar and Regína Ósk formed Eurobandið and performed This Is My Life in 2008. I've been addicted to this eurodance song since i first heard it! There is also an Icelandic version Fullkomið líf

No. 18 - 46 Plays


French R&B singer who has released 2 albums so far, Mes Fantaisies and Reflets

Well, french R&B is somewhat different from the regular odd, irritating sounding, mumbling American R&B that it has very cool beats and has a little touch of dance in it. To add on to that, Shy'm has pretty good vocals.

No. 17 - 47 Plays

Linkin Park

Linkin Park is the one who get me into listening to metal music. Till now, they are still my favourite. No albums are released recently, but there's this great song from Transformers Soundtrack New Divide

No. 16 - 51 Plays

Darren Hayes

One of the most popular homosexual singers out there, whom most of us knew him when he was in Savage Garden. His style has turned from pop rock to dance and electronic lately. Cool stuff!!

No. 15 - 54 Plays


This Canadian rock band released Dark Horse in November 2008. It is quite a good album except for a few tracks which are too "loud" for me.

No. 14 - 63 Plays

David Bisbal

My favourite Spanish male singer. he released Sin Mirar Atrás this year, which i think was just average. Premonición, on the other hand, released in 2007 is an awesome album.

No. 13 - 67 Plays


A magnificent Indonesian born artist who now resides in France. First heard of her in her English singles, Snow On The Sahara and A Rose in the Wind, then later, their Indonesian versions, and after a few years heard her french singles Cesse La Pluie and others. I became a fan of hers after listening to her french songs. they are upbeat, and more dance/electronic elements compared to her previous songs. her latest album, Elévation is a great one as well! Currently trying to find her older albums.

No. 11 - 68 Plays

Laura Pausini

An Italian woman who sings Italian, spanish, portuguese, english and some french. Truely talented! She is one of the few pop singers who make really good and bored proof music. From time to time i can still dig out her songs from the 90's to listen but still have a fresh feel to them.


My favourite american idol contestant! Chris Daughtry formed the band Daughtry after "loosing" the idol contest. His rock songs sounds fresh to the ears after listening to one after another pop or country singer from the other Idol winners.

No. 10 - 70 Plays


This singer from Madrid is my favourite Spanish female singer. She has currently released 3 albums, Edurne, Ilusión and Première. The first 2 albums are great, with many nice and catchy songs. Ilusión is a cover album, so i'm not such a fan of it. She will be releasing a new album next year. Can't wait for it!

No. 9 - 81 Plays

David Guetta

This french DJ is definitely my favourite. His remixes made irritating songs sound much better and his collaborations with other vocalists has created masterpieces. Some other DJs tend to make somewhat boring or irritating beats, but every track by Guetta are original and refreshing.

No. 8 - 83 Plays

Backstreet Boys

I've been their fan since the beginning, and still am now. They have made many catchy songs all along but also a few boring ones that can be found in each album. Their newest album This Is Us is average but Straight Through My Heart is super! I've not gone crazy over a song like this for a long time.

No. 7 - 101 Plays

Σάκης Ρουβάς

Σάκης Ρουβάς has represented Greece twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, even though he did not come in first, his songs are still awesome. Ήρθες / This Is Our Night especially, contains many highly addictive songs.

No. 6 - 102 Plays

Lady Gaga

In my opinion, the best new artist of the decade! She has topped charts all over the world and of course my chart as well. There's nothing else i can say... She's just awesome!

No. 5 - 117 Plays


Kudai got to be my top group from the latin world. This pop rock group from Chile makes very very good songs. I like their album Sobrevive the most, and Nadha contains some of my favourite songs.

No. 4 - 129 Plays


While many might not have heard of them, i think Kidtonik is the best eurodance / electronic group. In my opinion, the music can beat some of those DJs out there!

No. 3 - 157 Plays

Mylène Farmer

The best french language singer ever!! or maybe even one of the best in the world at this time! Her electronic styled music is just irresistible, unforgettable, magnificent!!

No. 2 - 169 Plays


Too bad this Mexican band has disbanded this year. They make some great music although sometimes their vocals are a little off. RBD, along with Kudai are my favourite bands from the Latin world. However, i think they do not deserve to be at No. 2. They are because of their "discovery" by me this year.

No. 1 - 266 Plays


Nek, along with Laura Pausini are the best artists from italy i've heard ever! Similar to Laura Pausini, Nek also makes great pop music, nice rhythm, refreshing, future proof. For the same reason as RBD, i think Nek does not deserve to be at No. 1.


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