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    Mai 17 2007, 2h44

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    Jun 5 2006, 20h43

    I don't know how I ended up at the concert that even our local newspaper wrote about, but, alas, I DID. On account of Evan stayed home from school to get tickets at 2 AM? Awesome. I took Rachel because sadly Alyssa couldn't go, and I was very creeped out in an Upper Darby mall in search of a bathroom. But, the whole night was seriously amazing beyond words. The venue was really nice too, and had this cool smokey .. feel to it. Okay, it was probably smoke. But it didn't smell smokey or anything. "I digress". The lights on the ceiling looked like stars when it got really dark, and it was, not as an overstatement, one of the best moments ever to turn around in the middle of a song and see everyone singing and dancing and really loving every moment of it. So... fucking third row! Pardon the language. Seriously like fifteen feet away from Thom's heavenly self. He, by the way, was dancing the whole night. So crazy. Wonderfully-so. Willy Mason opened (which I couldn't even remember the morning after the concert in la clase, but maybe that was due to lack of sleep, or, not caring for willy Mason)! He brought his younger brother out to play drums during some songs- this kid who just graduated- aw, but I was mind-boggled by the fact that he, around my same age group!, gets to say that he opened for Radiohead. Wowowow. I could detail every song (not Willy Mason's songs- I have jumped back to the Radiohead topic here), but I won't go into that, it was amaziiiing, and:

    Evan Chen is kind of godly so of course he found THIS! Which is all the songs. That night. In... live form!