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Mai 16 2006, 21h06

On the Social Music Sites group, someone pointed me to musicstrands, which is a social music community similar to, but without the radios and without an opensource scrobbler. I browsed through it a little bit. It’s organized by tracks, not albums, so that every time you scrobble a track it tells you who else is playing that track recently, and what are some other tracks you might like. I think it also goes through your music library and once it knows what music you have on hand suggests playlists.

If you can deal with a full application on your desktop that’s not opensource and communicates with your music player, then take a look in and sign up; I am pretty sure it is compatible with last’s scrobbler, so your music tastes can get copied to both sites.

One nice feature the site offers to us junkies, however is a page called “MusicStrands recommendations for users.” The code underneath the page takes your username and spits out a list of 10 tracks that it thinks you might like. Obviously it is reading the top tracks from the audioscrobbler data pages; mine are here, for instance. The code on the musicstrands page takes those tracks and works its suggestion magic on them, spitting out a list of stuff you might like. For me, it came up with these: Out of that I already have the Tom Waits and Sanseverino tracks, and since I went to the trouble of borrowing the disc from the library or buying it online, respectively, I guess the recommendations are at least 20% accurate.

Of course, if I can get my own personal recommendations, I can also receive recommendations for anyone on, including the users with ace taste like beelzbubba, mjcrbt, superhelga and harmolodicnet. So I did that for me and 11 of my mates and wound up with a nice big list of tunes that musicstrands thinks would be perfectly appropriate for me or for my pals. Then I ran them through the word processor to add the BBCode, pasted them into a text box so I could see if they were streamable and ended up with a list of 31 streamable tracks, most of them unknown to me. These I have tagged as and will listen to in order to see if they are really good recommendations. I quite liked that no matter how eclectic or obscure the person’s taste was, the musicstrands code still spit out 10 recommendations. (There is a slider, too, but moving it left and right didn’t seem to make much difference to my recos.)

Here’s the list:Happy listening!


  • beelzbubba

    I recognized just over half of those tunes/artists: 16/31. Looks like I have some catching up to do...although I assure you that the Les Baxter and the Alvino Rey didn't come from any of my social affinity markers. I'm more of a Lenny Dee/Prez Prado/Martin Denny kind of guy.

    Mai 16 2006, 22h04
  • mjcrbt

    It's nice to have someone working for me while I'm sleeping and have a playlist ready for breakfast. I'm going to that site to make some experiences too. [color=green][size=14][b] Keep tagging ! [/b][/size][/color]

    Mai 17 2006, 8h28
  • mjcrbt

    From Hanne H. my fav is Do Not as I Do, I sent it to you once.

    Mai 17 2006, 9h13
  • NHA

    Interesting. I will check this out definately.

    Mai 17 2006, 23h02
  • NHA

    Got it! Yeah a definate worth looking into. I haven't checked all the features yet but the recommendations is good! Will test it with some bizarre stuff. Like getting a new car you want to see what it can do!

    Mai 18 2006, 0h33
  • superhelga

    But I´ve got problems with unzipping the mystrands, or I managed to download and unzip it now, but it still refuses to open. Are you using mac? Did you not have any problems? Or anyone? arg. Still its recomandations based on last fm were quite interesting. Thanks for suggesting.

    Mai 20 2006, 14h02
  • talking_animal

    I didn't install any software from them. Once I discovered the recommendations engine that worked on the data I decided that it had all the historical data about my musical habits that it needed and I could save myself the software-install hassle that superhelga's experiencing.

    Mai 20 2006, 16h10
  • SixShooterSam

    Air Raid GTR, isn't even a real track(it is, just it's nothing like their music, it's just.. an air raid siren) But that album is amazing.

    Mai 27 2006, 21h01
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