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  • killtheprincess


    29 Mar 12h37 Responder
  • Dnwo

    So I felt like leaving a last shout here as well... goodbye Marta's shoutbox, it was nice meeting you and I enjoyed this brief time I spent here but our queen has spoken! And we shall obbey.

    26 Mar 14h03 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I also had depression when my father left home a couple of years ago, and I think I still have it, but I try not to make a big deal out of it and I don't usually talk about it with anyone cause I can pretty much handle it...although I've lost all faith in life and I honestly have no ambitions... Oh, and I've watched Mr.Nobody last month and it's an amazing movie... hard to understand if you don't go deeper into it, but just great! (And I still think Leto is #1 U_U) My God, I feel like I have typed a Bible by now and I still have a whole lot to comment on but I'm afraid I might bore you... If I missed something, I swear I'll make it up for ya in the future... Yet, I loved reading your shouts, even though you seemed a little upset there at times, babe... I was so entertained, and then "What? The last shout already?? Geeez, I need moaaaarrr". Well, if you have any trouble sleeping, try reading this late at night, I'm sure it'll help. Sleep tight, my Lotus Flower.

    25 Mar 4h08 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I'll try hard not to let you down, dear Marta, but that's almost inevitable... I should have a Master's degree in letting people down... it amazes me sometimes, but it's never on purpose, in 90% of the cases, I still don't know what I did. One little fact: Poland > Brazil. We have all your problems but with the addition of extreme levels of corruption every-fucking-where, bad bad bad music , high amounts of dumb people in the same place at the same time (They call it "parties"), poverty and the list goes on... I think you're officially my female Polish counterpart, I can relate to 90% of what you wrote there... and you, besides not liking coffee, don't want children? (I also hate romantic silly stuff...) Holy shit, you are me!! And I hope you're not offended for being called tough gal... the irony is that I'm far from awesome, and you're claiming you're not tough so... xD

    25 Mar 4h04 Responder
  • Dnwo

    Woah, I'm seriously thankful for all you shared with me back there... I have no ideia what Amelia's way is but I enjoyed the hell out of it xDD I remember once I was hanging out with some jerks I used to call friends when one of my ex-friends (Ah, yeah, I have a special hability in destroying friendships) just drank too much and puked all over the fucking pavement. From that moment on I decided I wouldn't ever drink in my life...But they're newbies, they can't drink with class, like kewl people such as yourself, meh, fuck 'em. (And it is possible to smoke heroin, apple pie, it's called "chasing the dragon", I've read about it. But don't worry, I'll never do it). YOU DON'T LIKE COFFEE? Wut?? You're like... the third person I know that says that... me being the first... everyone else is like... "zzzOMG, YOU DON'T LIKE COFFEE? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?", meh, fuck 'em too.

    25 Mar 4h01 Responder
  • Dnwo

    FIrst off: I'm glad you got home safe, just as I wished. Sugar, you are living in the future, not me... you see, as I write this message to you it's still 11 PM of March 24th, but where you live it's already 3AM of March 25th, (I checked on google ¬¬). And yep, we've got that here too, and it sucks cause just when I get used to it, it changes back. Ownt, you'd do that for me? That's soo sweet but you wouldn't actually need to read any books, all you would have to do would be blackmail the judge, yep that's how it works here. Sorry to break your dreams, daaarrling but I'm ugly as fuck... and I get really annoying when I start to diminish myself this way, so... (It always sounds like self-pity but that's just the sad truth) but I hope you're right!! I'll be damn sexy when I'm old, hell yeah! The sunset is definitely the most inspiring moment of my day so I praise ya for mentioning it and I'm glad you can relate to me on this as well. :D

    25 Mar 3h58 Responder
  • Dnwo

    ...I know it's very very very veeery early to make such judgement upon you but from what I see, you care for the things that matter... and I gotta confess that reading that last part of your antepenult shout was just beautiful... awww come on, I'm totally sentimental now. But yeah, I know she'll always be alright as long as she's got someone like you to watch over her. ;) Well, moving on -sigh- I hate horror too... pretty much... and my favorite movie is by far (500) Days of Summer, lost the count of how many times I've watched that shit and I never get tired of it, I can really relate to the main character (Tom) for obvious reasons (one of them is him being a loser), how about yours? And well, I guess that's it for the special weekend episode. (Can't omit the giggle at the brothel without whores, though xD) And Lord knows I've been nice this weekend, hope you did too. Get back safe, tough Gal!

    23 Mar 4h28 Responder
  • Dnwo

    |And now, the second part of the special weekend episodel!| I totally agree with you... we've known each other for less than a week and I already like you more than 80% of the whole universe. In Brazil we also tend to write Marta without the H, nonetheless you're the first Marta I ever talk to and I bet there won't be anyone keeewler than you! Wut? 23 sounds sooo mature, but it doesn't matter, when you hit 40, you'll still be "tough girl" to me. Believe me, I WILL! I'm pretty sure I'm not gay but I seriously consider Jared Leto to be the most handsome man on Earth, so you can count on me. Ok, I'll adopt and I'll even let you choose their name if you want! It's better than me choosing some lame name such as "Maximiliam Steineckert" (That would actually be the name of my son, but I've decided I don't want kids). How many times did I tell you you're awesome, hm? Too many, I guess but that's clearly not enough, it can't be helped... |To be, once more, continued|

    23 Mar 4h25 Responder
  • Dnwo

    |Yep, this is the fourth shout, and I'm not done yet| Sooooo dear Marta, I think you own me big time now, don't you? You definitely don't need to write all of this, but I expect something interesting from you. You probably know me better than my mom does by now. Yet, I was serious when I said ANYTHING... use it against me, baby. I'll take it like a man. Not even afraid... yet... I still have a lot to answer from you, but that's it for today, and don't you daaaare to read this before Monday, darling... or it'll be another fail and I'll cry myself to tears. |To be continued, tomorrow|

    22 Mar 3h07 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I like good music, I like to try to play my acoustic guitar, I like suspension points, I like unexpected situations, I love, I love part of my family, I love mystery, I love reading a good book, I love the fact that all the pretty faces in my high school have turned fat and ugly while I just remained what I was... ugly, as well... I love the english language, I enjoy being alone watching the sky, I enjoy helping people at times, I enjoy thoughtful conversations with strangers, I enjoy riding buses (Yep), I enjoy spending time with my best friend, always trash-talking the city we live in and how stupid the locals are, even though they are happier than us. I like to deceive myself into thinking I've found the right girl, only to find out she's a bitch afterwards, I like to pretend I'm a badass just cause I'm in the last semester of tech school. I like to annoy nice people writing long texts to them, I enjoy the silence, I LOOOVE talking to you.

    22 Mar 2h56 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I don't smoke, I don't smoke pot, I don't smoke heroin (Never chased the dragon), I don't drink, I don't like beer, I don't like coffee (Yep), I don't like twitter, I most definetely don't like tumblr, I used to not like Facebook, but I've been dragged into it some time ago. I don't like people, I don't like people who tell me to cut my hair, I don't like people who say I'm too skinny when that's pretty fucking obvious (Even though my dad says that all the time and I love him. oh God, I'm such a walking contradiction), I don't like my ex-boss who fired me after only 2 weeks since I started working there, I don't like the rain cause it fucks up my hair everytime, I don't like loud noises, I don't like random noises, I don't like noise at all... I don't like brazilian music, I don't like typical brazilian behavior, I don't like Brazil at all.... I can't swim, I can't sing, I can't act, I can't look in anyone's eyes when I'm talking to them (I might be shy... or just naturally awkward).

    22 Mar 2h31 Responder
  • Dnwo

    Noooo, esto no es la tortura, esto es el cierto a se hacer... (Oh, BTW I don't speak spanish, so this last sentence is possibly most definetely wrong.). I actually thought you wouldn't even read my last shout till monday, haha. So yeah, fail. Anyyways, this is the begining of special weekend episode! You live in the future! How freaking cool is that? Magic indeed xD Hmmm, well... that's good too cause if I ever mess up with da law, you'll have my back, right? I don't want to be Jailbird Dan... Ooh, I hope you're right, cause I've always looked awful.. so maybe I'll be a sexy looking old man...Probably not but... you never know. Ok, tough gal, what do I like to do? Play online games, mostly... go out without a destination in order to behold nature (Fucking hard to believe, I know but that's actually true...[One day I was going to an exam in another city and I was pretty late, so instead of doing the exam, I just wandered around admiring trees]) What kind of freak am I? You decide. |TBC|

    22 Mar 2h24 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I had an idea! Instead of writing 3 shouts at once this time, I'll write them along the weekend... this may be just an excuse to keep coming back to your page while you're gone, or me exercising my procrastination skills... who knows? (I'd go with the 1st option, though....). As for now, I really hope you have a great time with your parents. I should thank them for bringing you into this world >_<

    21 Mar 4h04 Responder
  • Dnwo

    |You like to talk a lot? Look at me writing 3 shouts at once again... That's Talkative Dan, if you will| Please don't ever change... even if you flooooood my page, I would actually love that as I can see you're clearly DA COOLEST NIGGA IN DA HOOD... Oh, but yeah... drama time... Darling, we need to talk about Soup... it's basically like a tumblr, right? Sooo, well, that's one more trauma for me... if you wanna scare the shit out of me, send me a gif... they really scare me to death... or you can do like my ex on her period... and claim THERE.IS.NO.GOD. just because she fucking broke one of her nails... yeah, that actually happened... Random fact: It took me 1 hour exactly to write these 3 shouts. Good night, tough girl!

    20 Mar 3h53 Responder
  • Dnwo

    |Here we are again, ladies and gentlemen, for the part 2| No, seriously, you're just too awesome, hahaha! I'm still a little shocked but that was amazing xD. Hey, guess what? We're in the same boat, AGAIN... I also have a friend who got a girlfriend and he kinda left me aside at times, but they've broken up a month ago and things are starting to get back to normal, till he finds another -.- Why, thank you once again, tough girl (I think I already know your name, but I'm waiting for you to tell it to me formally [and I'm the one who didn't share, A-ha!] u_u) My birthday is September 8th and I'm terrified by that... I'll be fucking 21 and I still feel like a child in the playground. THAT'S A FREAKING CUTE RABBIT! That's it... I'm getting a rabbit in the future! And you're responsible for that. Well, I have many aliases, awesome Dan is the one you just gave me but King Procastinator would also fit well... Hmmm, no need to be jealous, I swear I'm gonna scream for both of us when I'm there.

    20 Mar 3h52 Responder
  • Dnwo

    My internet is fucking baaaaack! Aw yeah! And well... it's 23:42 P.M here now so I think you are already sleeping...Sooo, I'm talking to a future lawyer, better watch what I type here! In my case, that's quite the opposite: My teacher loves me... or she used to, cause she stopped these days but she was rubbing me in a weird way from time to time and unfortunately I don't find her attractive at all, which is sad cause I think everyone has a fantasy about a certain teacher and such but... well, not me, not in THIS case... Hey! What do you mean I didn't share myself? I told you the same things you told me, we're even, right? Buuut I'm willing to tell you anything you want to know... ANYTHING. Yeah, I got nothing to hide, oh yeah. Don't mind my enthusiasm, it's just cause I was able to configure my modem and I'm proud of myself this time. I WAS STILL IN CLASS WHEN I READ YOUR PENIS ANALOGY and started laughing like an idiot. All I have to say is that you're just tooo craaaaaaaaaaazy...

    20 Mar 3h48 Responder
  • Dnwo

    | Man, this character limit thing is damn annoying... hope you don't mind having to read all of this.| Oh, and about that last thing, that was my dear ex when she was on her period... Still traumatazing after all these years, I gotta tell ya... AGAAAIN, sorry for making you read about 2300 characters of pure randomness... Now, I'm gonna try to pay attention to my class, as the teacher is now saying stuff about JAVA language, he didn't caught me, luckily.

    19 Mar 18h12 Responder
  • Dnwo

    |In the last episode "awesome Dan" was bitching about the people he has to interact with everyday. Will he ever stop acting like a lonely sad emo? Find out now!| ...most of them sound like teenage dramas. Soooo, you didn't believe anything I said about you?? Woah, You're such a tough gal. (Tsc... fucking teacher is starting his class right now... but I won't surender!) OH NO YOU DIDN'T REFERENCE NOISE AND KISSES, NO YOU DID NOT!!! Using this reference, I would tell you even my bank account details, if I had one. I'm not a vege... (I hope this doesn't change this thing we're having here, babe) and I'm yet to see a rabbit in my life... I'd love to, tho. I used to watch a lot of TV shows but it's been a while since I've finished Friends and it was my last until now. I'm now trying to attend the concerts near my city. I've been to Avenged Sevenfold last Sunday, so I'm crazy about them right now as you can see for my scrobbles. Shit... again...

    19 Mar 18h09 Responder
  • Dnwo

    I'll start by telling you that I'm extremely lucky... a few minutes after I sent you that last shout, my internet went out and didn't come back until this very moment, so I'm writing (typing, if you will) this in my tech school... Holy shit, your guessing skills are just amazing! I'm surrounded by stupid people (Well, in my perspective, since they must think I am stupid as well aaand I wouldn't say they're wrong), so I don't really feel the need to connect with a lot of people around here... to be fair, I found the best friend I could ever hope to find in here and a few number of colleagues, but the rest is completely disposable (as you put it) dumbasses... I'm starting to sound like a hater but the thing is my texts don't always match my humour so people get confused sometimes, I'm sorry. I sweeeear the first thing I'll do when I get home is check the site you recommended me (Well, in case my internet is back...) And I do have problems, despite the fact that... [shit! to be continued]

    19 Mar 18h07 Responder
  • Dnwo

    Well, my apologies... Unfortunately, I know what mean girls can do, so I'm on my knees begging for your forgiveness! But you do have an excuse in case they ask what the hell you were doing: You can say you were curing the loneliness of a 20 year-old brazilian by making him laugh his ass off as he tries hard to find out what noise does a suffocating Seagull make. As you can see, Special is one of my favorite songs everrrrrr, so I can't help but think of your awesomeness for mentioning it of all the songs in the world. And hey! Don't be shy, I just said the truth, and you know it! Yet, I think you should tell me a little more about yourself. This time you can't saaay no (Okay, your reference was far better...). Hmmm, you should always listen to your mom, especially because you can tell how dangerous I look, but shhhhhshh, keep it quiet.

    19 Mar 1h35 Responder
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