• Denkwürdig

    Nov 9 2010, 17h45

    Mon 8 Nov – The Blood Arm, Deckchair Orange

    Wenig Publikum, dafür aber um so bessere Stimmung. Und eine Band mit lauter guten Ideen: Wo erlebt man schon, dass der Sänger kurzerhand die Tür auftritt und mit dem Publikum im Schlepptau nach draußen geht, um eine Runde im Regen zu singen und zu tanzen.

    Ach ja, die Musik. Konsequenter Party-Rock, der mich an die Ramones, Velvet Underground und japanischen Pop erinnert hat. Da lässt man sich auch als bisher Nicht-Eingeweihter doch gerne mal von der guten Laune anstecken. Ein lustiger Abend.
  • Historic gig on historic soil

    Set 10 2009, 12h50

    Fr., 4. Sep. – IQ For the first time in 16 years IQ played Berlin, the promo flyer for show stated both boldly and ironically "Now they take Berlin!" So expectations of course were high, with people from all over Europe flocking in for the gig, some even from as far as Japan.

    While plagued by technical difficulties, the band delivered an enthusiastic set at full volume, and recieved an even more enthusiastic response from the crowd, who celebrated every single note. A superb atmosphere that felt more "like a gathering than a gig", like one IQ forum member noted.

    This marked the first time the "Frequency" album was played in its entirety. While the band displayed some mild insecurities during the performance, the album worked very well in a live environment. Especially the songs that hadn't been played live before (e.g. Life Support, Ryker Skies) recieved a lot of cheers.

    All in all a very memorable night: lots of great music, great people everywhere, in a great location.