This is Pretty Damn Cool


Jan 7 2006, 19h47

Hello everyone. I just joined this site and it seems like it is pretty damn cool. Finally a bloody site that allows people to communicate music first and other stuff second. I hope that my music will please. This isn't my regular computer so unfortunately the recent listens are limited.

At any rate to try out some of these things so if i want to add a song i like i guess i do this Dynamite an i guess that's that. Woot


  • elfbooty914a

    you are so wonderful. Thank you for showing me this site!

    Jan 9 2006, 3h06
  • heneya

    He he, I'm a newbie on Last.Fm too & I find it very cool, bloody fantabulous:D So happy listening sushilovinfun;-)

    Jul 28 2006, 17h28
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