• A Piece Of Stupid Cake Pl0x.

    Ago 16 2009, 20h35

    Your Name Is?:
    Monkey Wrench [Foo Fighters]

    How Old Are You?:
    '39 [Queen]

    I Am Labeled What?:
    Blow Out [Radiohead]

    Do You Think You're Messed Up?:
    Let There Be Drums [Q+PR]

    Your Family Thinks You Are?:
    Woe [Say Anything]

    Friends think you are?:
    Shooting Star [Bad Company]

    Teachers (Past or Present) Think You Are?:
    Alive [Pearl Jam]

    Strangers Say To You:
    The Conversation Is... [Biffy Clyro]

    Your Mom:
    Not Fragile [Tesla]

    What song do you listen to when you're bored?:
    Morning Bell [Radiohead]

    The Jester [Enter Shikari]

    Prayer Of The Refugee [Rise Against]

    The Masses Against The Classes [Manic Street Preachers]

    Home [Foo Fighters]

    Too Much Love WIll Kill You [Queen]

    People are:
    Pink [Aerosmith]

    Everyday is:
    Bruises [Chairlift]

    Right Now You Are:
    Long Away [Queen]

    I Wish I Was:
    Fly Again [Last Rush]

    Candy Is:
    Give A Little Bit [Goo Goo Dolls]

    Love Is:
    Leave Out All The Rest [Linkin Park]

    You Like:
    Manhatten [Kings Of Leon]

    Are You In A Relationship?:
    Time [Freddie Mercury]

    If You've Ever Been In Love, How Was It:
    Under Pressure [Queen]

    Girls Or Guys?:
    Statues [Foo Fighters]