Amanda Polk besides, Linkin Park


Jul 4 2007, 2h28

Okay ^-^

I'll use this journal, just for and music stuff ;P, so, here it goes!!

Long ago I discovered by myspace a really good artist, her name is Amanda Polk, she's a 15 year old Texan singer/songwriter who's been working at the studio since she was 12... her music, even if it is not pretty much the kind of music I'm into... she's really good and her music... just lovely

I Want You to hear:
Amanda Polk

♥ Break Me To Pieces Break Me To Pieces
☺ I'm The Girl I'm the Girl

It's really hard to find some music by her, she's released just a Demo... but you can hear theese songs on myspace Amanda Polk Music ;D

Maybe you can't find her on my top artists, but it is just 'cause I've got just two songs from her ;/

Hope you liked her and you give some comments :P


Today I was downloading some Linkin Park's music, they're not new for me, but I wanted some more tracks ;]

So I recommend you some of my fav. Linkin Park Songs

Linkin Park

My December
What I've Done
In the End

Okay, so, that's it for today ;P


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