My Favorite Albums of 2010


Jul 28 2010, 18h17


  • mannis05

    checked out the national - high violet yet? My fav of the year, with Foals close by..

    Jul 29 2010, 1h46
  • suchpower

    I listened through High Violet once, before LaLa shut down. I liked it, but didn't have time to really digest it. Everything I've heard off of Clinging to a Scheme by The Radio Dept. has been really good; I look forward to getting a hold of that one.

    Jul 30 2010, 18h03
  • thunderthoom

    Nederlands? Because of Brown Feather Sparrow, Minco Eggersman, Eins Zwei Orchestra en People Get Ready?

    Dez 27 2010, 14h20
  • thunderthoom

    Arcade Fire - The Suburbs?

    Dez 27 2010, 14h20
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