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Set 9 2006, 12h39

so as some may know, i'm doing the, and i'm just recently done with the design and lotsa content already

but here's where you come in

i need the following informations from the very you:

- permanent ftp/html-space for media like bonus tracks, lívevideos and other stuff to offer you
- websites you thank that i should put into the rise-against-weblink-section
- a proper photo from dan precision
- a proper photo from todd mahoney
- music/infos from/about "pinhead circus", "In Truth", "THe Enemy", "Synnecrosis", "The Honor System"
- demos from rise against (besides of the transistor revolt ep)
- side projects or guest appearences of rise-members (besides from thekillingtree, berritxarrak and division)

this will it be for now. i hope you're going to help me and will kinda see this as an opportunity to do something for riseagainst and its community. when the site will be officially released, i'll be back with request for feedback :)

and for all who want to know how it will look like:

here are 3 previews - hope ya like it

intro page


  • subXaero

    the site is done boys - go check it out! Generation Lost

    Out 22 2006, 12h51
  • fairymyl

    there is no password to enter the website!!

    Nov 3 2006, 18h15
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