setting myself some musical challenges...


Mai 16 2008, 13h14

Ok, so yet again I've reached a bit of a plateau which I desperately want to break and improve my playing.

As such, I have decided to set myself the following challenges...not that there's any fixed 'deadline' but just so I have some musical aims =)

1. Finally learn to play Dee ENTIRELY and as properly as possible.

2. Write some new songs. Actually complete them. MAKE THEM GOOD. Collab as much as possible with Mel to make them better.

3. Despite the fact that there are some songs that it is totally sacrilegious to cover (stairway immediately springs to mind) and the fact that some songs never sound anywhere near as good as the original even when they are covered...I am going to attempt to learn a half-decent version of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

4. Start being brave enough to sort out a band. And sing if i have to =/

5. Work on my classical guitar stuff. Or else.

6. ...and finally, listen to some inspirational rockers who can act as my personal muse.

Oh and recommend the following bands/artists on lastfm:

kimya dawson
harlequin jones
vermillion lies
the mountain goats
the shins

Ahhh...sounds like a plan =)
If only I could bring a guitar to work!
Pink FloydKimya DawsonRandy RhoadsHumanwineHarlequin JonesThe Mountain GoatsVermillion LiesThe Shins


  • HawkeVIPER

    Well, you have 2c down, I like the one song you have uploaded on here, it's better than most of the crap they play on the radio these days =] also, I demand first listenage privileges to your Pink Floyd cover when it's done! Oh, and you should definitely sing in your band too.

    Jul 24 2008, 0h19
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