Jan 16 2006, 18h37

Seyhan (seymansey) reckons I'm the only person he knows that actually makes playlists. Shame I say.
Thought I'd start writing down my playlists so that in years to come I can look back and laugh at my tastes/emotional state/attempts to make mix tapes etc etc.

So, here's the first...

Beautiful Voices - A CD's worth of songs for created for a someone... who is also featured...

Star Bodixa: Can U Survive?
Nitin Sawhney: Spark
Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles
Emilie Simon: La marche de l'empereur
Emmie: Clear
Beth Orton: Love Like Laughter
Des'ree: Kissing You
Emiliana Torrini: Unemployed in Summertime
Eva Cassidy: Blue Skies
Madeleine Peyroux: Careless Love
Norah Jones: Painter Song
KT Tunstall: Heal Over
Sia: Numb
Sixpence None the Richer: Melody of You
Emiliana Torrini: I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You (Tom Waits)
Rebecca Baudains: Shaun[Original]

(yes i know it says the artist twice, but i wanted to connectthe post to the artist as well as the track...)

So there we are. The last half is better than the first I think.


  • Jasmic

    It is a shame that this cannot be turned into a tag radio! - the first track I looked at, Nitin Sawhney, isn't streamble yet :( I might have have a go at this...

    Jan 16 2006, 21h13
  • stringfellow

    hm? Nitin Sawhney MUST be streamable?! Star Bodixa aren't because they were off an unsigned artists CD from 2003. Maybe if i tag all the tracks as 'playlist:beautiful voices' then it will be tag-radioable?! hmmm!

    Jan 16 2006, 21h20
  • Jasmic

    Nitin is streamable, but the track spark unfortunately isn't. Which album is Spark off by the way? I tried to create a tag radio called pilgrim made up of just his stuff. Unfortunately the tag radio doesn't work like that due to the license - it can't play 'music on demand' unfortunately. If you have too few different artists it soon siezes up and refuses to play any more. This should create a good radio though, as long as a good few of the tracks are streamable.

    Jan 16 2006, 21h34
  • stringfellow

    Its from Philtre: not a bad album but i prefer All Mixed Up, just because its so damn funky. :) (The London Elektricity mix of Sunset is completely sick :D)

    Jan 17 2006, 8h36
  • Jasmic

    Doh!!! I have Philtre... I have never been any good at remembering track names!

    Jan 17 2006, 11h30
  • BBM-ng

    Oh, I love KT Tunstall's voice.

    Jan 18 2006, 0h04
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