From First to Last's New Album Review!


Mai 20 2008, 15h13

Well... First of all, I have to say that I've always been a big admireer of From First to Last's music. I liked the sound of Aesthetic Ep, I fell in love with Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount and I felt a little disappointed with Heroine. So, that deception was the main reason I really wanted to listen the new stuff. Sonny Moore left the band, it was a surprise, Matt Good on vocals. Wow. It seemed a good change (I've never liked too much Sonny's voice, I always liked better Phillip's...). But, nobody said they were going to change like they've done. First time I've listened to their new CD... Well, I wasn't disappointed like with Heroine. They have chaged, that's an obvious fact, but they've changed everything. This is not a post-hardcore, emocore, whatever genre you want to tagg with their last albums... This is a rock? album. I actuallly don't know. But their instruments stills being so awesome on many songs (I can choose I Once Lost But Now Am Profound, Tick Tick Tomorrow, The Other Side). Anyways, there are really shitty songs on From First To Last. For example, I dislike Deliverance!, it reminds me of new My Chemical Romance's stuff (and it sucks, in my opinion), I don't like anything in Perfect Mess and the only thing I like on Be-Headed (Marathon Man) is the beggining. What about Matt's voice? It's OK, better than Sonny's. I'm glad because he will be able to do good performances (not as Sonny did). His voice is perfect on Two As One and Medicinal Reality, but it's an absolute shit on A Perfect Mess (why so loud? Can somebody explain it to me?). There are good solos (although they're not as good as they were on Dear Diary), for example, on The Other Side, We All Trun Back to Dust, or I Once Lost But Now Am Profound. Special mention to In Memoriam In Advance, a really awesome ballad. I love it because it doesn't say "I love you, uuuuh, I love and you are not here with me". It works, and it's sad. Perfect song for a rainy day, who will remember me? Anyways, it should be longer. Two minutes aren't enough. And, oh, I almost forget lyrics are awesome (even in songs I don't like, ha!). And I must say my favourite member on this CD is Derek Bloom... Drums are the best of the entire CD, and I seriously hope that nobody doubt it.

My conclusion is that From First To Last is a good CD. And I don't want to compare it with old stuff. Who cares about Sonny's or Matt voice, hardcore or rock sound? I'm going listen it, despite they've changed... They're still being an indredible band, and that's what really matters ;)
And, of course, this is my opinion, so you can be agree or don't and it doesn't mean we have to hate us...


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