Some random top 10 meme I stole from someone


Nov 9 2006, 7h30

I don't remember who though.

For each artist in your top 10 artists, name
- your favorite song
- your favorite album
- your favorite lyrics
- how you got started listening to them
- last played

1.) Depeche Mode
- Favorite Song: Shake the Disease
- Favorite Album: tie between Construction Time Again and Black Celebration
- Favorite Lyrics: They change from time to time. Right now it'd have to be "You can't change the world, but you can change the facts/When you change the facts, you change points of view/When you change points of view, you may change a hope/And when you change a hope, you may change the world" from New Dress
- How you got started listening to them: It's a long, sordid story but I'll give you the condensed version. I had been into them for a while, and started gradually listening to them more as my 80s thing got bigger. Then I heard Everything Counts one day on VH1 Classic and bought The Singles 81-85, and the rest is history.
- Last Played: Told You So

2.) New Order
- Favorite Song: Bizarre Love Triangle
- Favorite Album: Uh, that's a hard one. Probably Low-Life.
- Favorite Lyrics:" The sign that leads the way/The path we can not take/You've caught me at a bad time/So why don't you piss off", from Your Silent Face.
- How you got started listening to them: Kind of a similar story to DM, actually. I'd been into a couple of their tracks here and there for a while, then my friend Katie sent me Movement and it kinda sparked my interest. I went and bought Singles the next day, which was the final push into fandom.
- Last Played: Touched by the Hand of God

3.) Pet Shop Boys
- Favorite Song: West End Girls
- Favorite Album: Actually
- Favorite Lyrics: "Our gain is your loss/That's the price you pay/I heard it in the House of Commons/everything's for sale" from Shopping
- How you got started listening to them: I'd always loved West End Girls, but never really took the time to listen to their other stuff. As I delved deeper into my (still-brewing) synthpop obsession, I finally took it upon myself to grab the album Please. And that was pretty much it.
- Last Played: Two Divided By Zero

4.) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
- Favorite Song: So In Love
- Favorite Album: Dazzle Ships
- Favorite Lyrics: "You were so in awe of me/You were so divine/You would do just anything/To still be mine", from So In Love
- How you got started listening to them: Much like PSB, OMD are pretty much a newer obsession that I've recently gotten into during my synthpop phase. One day I randomly bought their first album, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and I ended up loving it. I got The OMD Singles not long after, and hence I became a fan.
- Last Played: Talking Loud and Clear

5.) Martin L. Gore
- Favorite Song: I Cast a Lonesome Shadow
- Favorite Album: lol, well actually I love both Counterfeit and Counterfeit² equally since they're Martin's only solo efforts.
- Favorite Lyrics: "There's a devil waiting outside your door/There's a devil waiting outside your door/And he's a-bucking and a-braying and pawing at the floor", from Loverman
- How you got started listening to them: I had heard about Martin's solo work through DM, and one day I was interested so I bought Counterfeit. Naturally, I loved it. Counterfeit² followed soon after, and I loved it even more.
- Last Played: Gone

6. Duran Duran
- Favorite Song: Is There Something I Should Know?
- Favorite Album: Seven And The Ragged Tiger
- Favorite Lyrics: "Where's the real life in your illusion?" from Vertigo (Do The Demolition)
- How you got started listening to them: lol... do I have to repeat this story again? knew a few tracks here and there, picked up Greatest and then Rio shortly after. Then I got The Singles 81-85 box set and I was in love.
- Last Played: Femme Fatale

7. Heaven 17
- Favorite Song: We Live So Fast
- Favorite Album: Penthouse And Pavement
- Favorite Lyrics: I actually don't have any favorite Heaven 17 lyrics, lol.
- How you got started listening to them: I had Let Me Go in my random 80s stuff for a long time, but I had never really thought about checking out their other stuff. Then one night they played Play To Win on Rhapsody's New Wave station, and it piqued my interest, so I looked into their stuff more (and liked what I found, lol).
- Last Played: Crushed By the Wheels of Industry

8. Book Of Love
- Favorite Song: Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
- Favorite Album: Book of Love
- Favorite Lyrics: "Your glance felt like a knife/So clear so blue, I was swimming inside" from Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
- How you got started listening to them: One night on Rhapsody's New Wave station, they randomly played You Make Me Feel So Good, and I really liked it. When I was in need of more good music for my ever-growing New Wave playlist I looked them up, and liked them so much I got the first album.
- Last Played: Oranges and Lemons

9. Aztec Camera
- Favorite Song: Pillar To Post
- Favorite Album: High Land, Hard Rain
- Favorite Lyrics: "Just close your eyes again/Until these things get better/You're never far away/But we could send letters", from We Could Send Letters
- How you got started listening to them: Same thing as Book of Love -- random song played on Rhapsody (Pillar To Post in this case), looked them up later and liked what I heard so I got the first album.
- Last Played: I haven't the faintest clue, actually.

10. Madonna
- Favorite Song: Into the Groove
- Favorite Album: True Blue
- Favorite Lyrics: "Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free/At night I lock the doors so no one else can see/I'm tired of dancing here all by myself/Tonight, I wanna dance with someone else" from Into the Groove
- How you got started listening to them: Hello, it's Madonna? lol really, I've loved her from a really young age.
- Last Played: Santa Baby


  • PeopleEveryday

    Nice Madonna comment.

    Jan 26 2007, 0h45
  • dogmansuede

    hello, it's madonna!! (i'm right with you there and true blue is heaven!)

    Jul 31 2007, 6h24
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